what i’m loving

I’m loving that The Bachelor is back on.  What is this, the 83rd season?  And yes, I realize that only like 2 of the couples have stayed together.  My husband rags on me constantly for watching this show.  I can’t help it.  I don’t watch it for the love story, I don’t watch it because it gives me pleasure to see another happy couple engaged after 6 weeks of dating.  I watch it for the DRAMA!  Because it’s fun.  Because the “characters” get drunk and make fools of themselves.  And Chris Harrison is so darn lovable in a dorky kind of way.
You had to know there would be some food in here.  These things are amazing.  And addictive.  I love ’em.  Need I say more?
Oh, Annie, whoever you are…wherever you are, I thank you for these honey bunny grahams, a.k.a. little bites of bunny heaven.  They were purchased for Theo, who eats 3-4 for dessert after dinner most nights (but guess who ends up eating a whole lot more than that?).  They are quite tasty.  
I’m loving all the cute, handmade baby girl (and boy) shoes at the Pitter Patter Shop on Etsy.  You can find lots of different styles and colors, all for $14-16, starting in the tiniest of tiny newborn sizes.  My little baby numero dos will have at least one pair of Pitter Patters to wear this summer.  Would it be wrong of me to say I hope it’s a girl because the baby shoes are cuter?
photo by em.
I’m totally loving that in less than a week I will be in Colorado´╗┐, visiting my BFF of 17+ years (gasp…can that be right?)  I’m not loving that I will be leaving my two loves for 4 days, but I trust that they will survive without me.  I’m not sure at this point whether I will survive without them, but I trust that there will be more than enough side-splitting laughter and marvelous scenery to distract me.  
We were slow to get on the Netflix bandwagon.  I actually received a gift subscription to use during my maternity leave last year.  The instant streaming is amazing and so convenient.  Theo and I fired up Babies last weekend when he woke up at 11pm and refused to go back down before 1am.  We both loved it.  The kid never sits still and he snuggled up right next to me and stared intently at those other little people like him from all over the world.  Eh, maybe it was the boobs.  >>FLASHBACK<<  There was a lot of breastfeeding going on.
Have a fabulous weekend,