27 week check-up check-in

I went to the doctor last Thursday and had the one hour glucose test.  No results yet, but I can fill you in on everything else. 

First things first:  I’m now in the 3rd trimester!  Less than 13 weeks until my due date!  Yiiikes.  This also means that I will start going to the doctor every 2 weeks instead of 4.  That makes the time just fly by even more.

Weight gain so far:  16.5 lbs (I only gained 2 in the last three weeks, phew).  At this point in my pregnancy with Theo I had gained 27lbs, so I am definitely thankful!  I am on track to gain a healthy 25-35 pounds this time.  The baby should be weighing about 2 pounds now and measuring approximately 14.5″ long.  That’s a lot of baby!  No wonder I am feeling so much movement.  It’s good to know that if the baby was born now, chances of survival would be very high. 

I’m feeling good for the most part.  Much of how I feel is tied to sleep… how much I get and how well I rest.  If I’m well-rested, the only time I feel bad is when I get up and haven’t had anything to eat for awhile.  I get nauseous and weak but that usually goes away after I get some protein.  The heartburn hasn’t been too terribly persistent.  I haven’t had to take anything over the counter yet besides Tums.  I don’t quite remember when it got really bad with Theo, but it was worth it for his gorgeous head of hair (supposing that Old Wives’ Tale is true) and I hope this baby has just as much of it. 

People have been asking me if this baby is more or less active in the womb than Theo was and up until the last week or so, I’ve said it’s too hard to compare.  I’ve been paying close attention lately and this kid is definitely more of a wiggle worm.  For example, while my OB/GYN was trying to get a heartbeat with the doppler, we could visibly see this wild child squirming under my skin to get away from the noise.  We were both laughing and that didn’t help matters, with her hand shaking and my big belly jiggling.  She even said I was going to end up having to have an ultrasound to get a heartrate if the kid didn’t cooperate.  Obviously, we both knew the little one was alive and well.  Spunky little booger.  She eventually got it and it was averaging in the 130s-140s again. 

We talked about the possible birthdates for the baby, supposing I don’t go into labor on my own.  My doctor said she is on call Thursdays and some random Fridays.  If I am scheduled for a c-section, it will be at 39 weeks so the baby would be born on Thurs 5/19 or Fri 5/20.  If I am induced, she wants to do it at 38 weeks (supposing an amniocentesis shows that the baby’s lungs are fully developed) and I would be induced on Thurs 5/12 or Fri 5/13.  Naturally, my hubs is hoping for a Friday the 13th baby (if you know my hubs, you totally get this!). 

So, there you have it.  I’ll update about the results of my 1 hour glucose tolerance test soon. 

fingers crossed,