i bought a dress. so what?

I went shopping with my lovely mother-in-law last week and I think she’s a bad influence… would I have bought the 3 little girl outfits had she not been with me?  Probably not, but they were such a good deal and she made it seem like the right thing to do…

So I did it.  I bought the first little girl outfits.  Two dresses and a three-pack of newborn onesies.  I couldn’t resist the clearance prices at OshKosh.  I’m almost wishing I had picked up some of the itty bitty pink overalls.  I held back a little bit.

I was telling my friend about it later that night and she asks me “are you secretly hoping for a girl?” 

I had to think for a moment before I answered the question. 

Baby girl clothes sure are cute and lots of fun to shop for and buy and hold and look at.  I’m guessing they are even more fun to put on your cute baby girl, but in the long run, my answer is no, not necessarily. 

I’m certainly not opposed to the idea of having a girl.  Before we had Theo, I couldn’t picture not ever having one.  I even said that if we had two boys, we’d end up having three children.  I don’t think I could manage more than three, but I thought I’d want to give it one more shot.  Now?  Now I don’t know.  I’m certainly not ruling out a third child before my second is even born, but I can see being content with two – a boy and a girl or two boys.  Either way, it feels right. 

Kind of makes me wonder if my mom and dad were at all disappointed when I (the second of two children) was born and they learned that I was a girl.  Hmm…

Meanwhile, we enjoyed a weekend of warm, gorgeous weather for which we were all very thankful!

I love that he was smiling with his mouth wide open for so long that he drooled all over himself.  Ha!