not super excited

I have my 27 (random) week check up today and with that, the dreaded 1 hour glucose tolerance test.  I’m so not looking forward to it because I know if I have “abnormal” results, I’m going to have to do the dreadful, terrible, horrible, tragic 3 hour glucose test.  My doctor told me if my results are 190 or 195, she won’t make me do it because levels over 200 mean you surely are diabetic.  Oh, I guess I should explain what I’m talking about in case anyone isn’t all caught up here.

With Theo, I had gestational diabetes.  There is a genetic factor to it and obese people are more predisposed to it.  I’m not obese, so I guess I have my dad and most of my grandparents to thank for the genetic part.  Although I think they are/were all Type 2.  Anyway…

The test:  You drink 6 or 8 ounces of disgustingly sweet orange syrup and wait an hour, then get blood drawn.  From the blood draw, they test your glucose level to see if your body produces enough insulin to handle the extreme amount of sugar.  If you are over say 140(?) or maybe 160 (?), that’s considered abnormal and you have to do a 3 hour glucose tolerance test to see how your body handles the even more disgusting, even more sugary liquid over a three hour period (meaning they do 3 fun blood draws instead of just one).  The worst thing about that…you can’t eat after midnight the night before and you can’t leave the doctor’s office.  So three hours of sitting in the waiting room with nothing to do (meanwhile, on the verge of puking because that stuff really is sickeningly sweet AND if you are diabetic, you’re probably sick anyway from not eating for so long). 

If you have gestational diabetes with one pregnancy the chance that you’ll have it with subsequent pregnancies is quite significant.  If, by some miracle, I do not have it this time, I will be SO happy because that will mean I’ll (more than likely) get to try for another vaginal birth. 

If I get it, and definitely if I have to go on insulin this time (I didn’t last time), I’ll be having a c-section.  Boo.  Anyway, I’ll check back in with the results of the test and updates from my 27 week appointment soon. 

Happy weekend,

p.s.  What about the name Dexter?  Nickname Dex?  Cute, right?  Theo and Dex.  What about Mallory for a girl?  Kind of loving both of these names right now.  Holla?