31 week check-up check-in

I had my 31 week appointment Monday (although I was only about 30 1/2 weeks).  Baby’s heartbeat was in the 130s.  The doctor loved my sugars and was singing my praises for keeping my diabetes under control.  I don’t think I have much to do with it, but time will tell.  With Theo, my sugar got progressively worse the further along I was.  Hopefully this time I will still be able to get to delivery day insulin-free. 

I gained a couple pounds this time, which kind of surprised me since I have been on this diabetic diet.  I guess a couple of pounds doesn’t amount to much more than different clothes and whether I’ve eaten or pooped recently, though, right?  Total weight gain so far – 20 lbs. 

I decided NOW was a good time to bring up what method of birth control we’ll be using and I’m contemplating an implant of some sort.  Either Implanon or Mirena.  For those of you who have had one or the other, what was your experience?  I like that Implanon is only for three years.  I feel like we will know three years from now whether we want to have another baby or not.  Mirena is good for five years, but my understanding is that it can be taken out anytime.  Anyway, we had a long discussion about it and the doctor advised me that they won’t do any kind of implant on a nursing mom until at least 4 months post-partum due to possible uterine perforations.  That’s kinda scary, huh? 

Everything looked good in general.  My abdomen was measuring 30 weeks and I have another appointment in two weeks. 

Any tips about Implanon or Mirena?