Dear Dexter (two week letter)

Dear Dexter,
Yesterday was my due date but you’ve been here with us for 2 whole weeks today.  I can’t imagine having to wait another day to see you, forget waiting two extra weeks!  We were extremely lucky that your delivery went so smoothly and that you were/are so perfectly healthy.
We just got home from the pediatrician’s office for your 2 week check-up. You weighed 7 pounds and 6.5 ounces, just an ounce and a half less than your birth weight. You’ve gained 8 ounces in just 9 days!  What a big boy and good eater you are!  You are hungry all throughout the day, eating anywhere from every hour to every three hours. You’re sleeping well at night and you’ll go for 4, sometimes 5 hours between feedings. I feel like we’ve gotten lucky because you’ve been such an easy newborn to take care of so far.
You’re starting to be awake more now and I love to watch you watching the world around you. There’s a lot to figure out, but just try to take it one day at a time. That’s what I’m doing with you. I don’t want to waste today by focusing too much on how big you’ll be a few weeks, months, or years from now.  I’m just soaking up every second that you want to spend in my arms, lying on my chest, and staring into my eyes.
Knowing that you rely on me for everything makes me feel so honored and privileged. It’s true, before you were born I had a lot of anxiety about how things would change and I worried about how hard things would be. You are the perfect addition to our family and I couldn’t be happier that you’re here. I know it won’t always be easy, but it will always be worth it.
Mommy loves you more than you’ll ever know.

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