almost time

I’ll be at the hospital in less than 24 hours getting ready to welcome the mystery baby into our arms and lives. I can’t believe the time has already come. That afternoon in September when we learned about this baby seems like so long ago – Theo was barely 6 months old. So much has changed since then. At the same time, it feels like this pregnancy has zoomed by.
I’m ready to feel normal again. I’m ready to tie my shoes and bend over. I’m ready to get up off the floor and out of bed without feeling pain.  I’m ready to wear pants that zip.
I’m not ready to get only stolen moments of sleep here and there. I’m not ready to spend 50% of my day breastfeeding. I’m not ready to look at my jello belly that used to hold a baby and wonder if it will ever be normal again (the answer is no). 
Ready or not, here he or she comes.
The next time I blog, it will be as a mother of 2.
Wish me luck,

birthday/mother’s day weekend

I don’t mind having my special days lumped into one fabulous weekend.  Not one bit.  It just means having a whole weekend all about me.  ­čÖé

Thursday I started off my weekend by taking Theo over to his friend’s house and watched the two little boys and their girlfriend playing on his friend’s new playset.  These babies are all just weeks apart and it has been an amazing journey so far to watch them grow together.  I can’t wait until we can overhear their little conversations and arguments and see the products of their imaginations while they play.  We sit around and marvel at how much they can do now and how grown up they are (and they can’t even really talk yet, aside from a word here and there).  I’m so thankful I had friends that were pregnant pretty much the exact same time that I was.  Not only was it great sharing our pregnancies, our babies have bonded us for what I hope is a very long time. 

On Friday, Theo and I played, relaxed, ran a couple of errands, and when the hubs got home we met another family of friends for dinner to celebrate my birthday a day early.  Theo, predictably, threw everything from toys to food on the floor, which drives me insane.  I don’t know if scolding him reinforces or deters the behavior so unfortunately, I’m very inconsistent.  Sometimes I pretend not to notice so that he won’t feel like he won a reaction out of me.  Other times I tell him “no” very sternly.  Being wishy-washy is probably not the best approach…

Saturday we woke up to rain.  Surprise, surprise, surprise.  I keep waiting for the April showers to end but apparently they are over a week late in getting the memo that it is now MAY.  I had a haircut scheduled for 9:15, so we were up and at ’em bright and early.  I’m very happy with the results!  As always…I  haven’t had time to upload any pictures (yet) but I plan to do that soon.  After my haircut, we went to the outlet mall for a bit in search of plain, solid colored 12 or 18 months onesies with no luck.  I’m so frustrated by this!

I got these adorable shortalls for Theo to wear this Spring and Summer:

And I want to get this 5-pack set of Carter’s onesies so that he can wear the solid colored ones underneath:

Is that too much to ask?  Everywhere I look, they either don’t have them or they only have them up to 9 months.  I saw them in 12 and 18 months a few weeks ago.  I see them online now.  I just want to go to the flippin’ store and buy them.  I guess I’ll have to order them online, but I refuse to pay shipping for baby t-shirts.  Anyway, once I went on a mission to find these shirts, I realized that it’s nearly impossible to find PLAIN solid-colored onesies for babies.  Everything has some kind of print on it.  What’s up with that?  Okay, rant/tangent over.

After failing at the outlet mall, we went to my in-laws for a birthday dinner.  Pork chops, a mock-up of my favorite salad (the Summer Berry Salad from Paradise Cafe), asparagus, and angel food cake with strawberries.  What. A. Feast.  I was one happy girl with one full belly.  I could have just eaten the salad.  I have been craving cold, sliced strawberries for the last couple of weeks.  I think I’ve eaten about 4 pounds of them…this baby is going to come out with strawberry seeds on its skin.

Sunday, for Mother’s Day, we went out to lunch and did a little shopping (after waking up again to gloomy skies).  Biggest gift of all was that Theo actually slept until just after 9am.  I couldn’t believe it.  That never happens.  I took a little nap in the afternoon and then went to the grocery store to stock up on freezer and microwave friendly meals for the first couple weeks after the baby is born.  While I was lying down, a couple of things happened.  The sun came out and I got this picture from my hubby:

Here he is in the non-striped version of the Osh Kosh shortalls.

´╗┐Isn’t he just the cutest?  Truth be told, my hubby’s not too shabby either.  I think one of the best gifts you can have as a mom is a great dad for your kids. 
I told him to hold off on my Mother’s Day present this year, because I want something special with both of my babies’ names from Lisa Leonard Designs.  Have you heard of this lady and seen her work?  She does some of the cutest jewelry I’ve seen in a long time.  Big fan.  Big, big fan.  Here are a couple of her pieces that I like a lot, to give you an idea.  And they are completely customizable! 
You get the idea – but there are several pieces that I just love.  Super excited to find out in 3 short days if my necklace or bracelet will have 2 little boys’ names or a boy’s and a girl’s name on it. 
happy monday,