A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that we visited friends that live a couple of hours away.  My friend’s hubby took a promotion close to Chicago over a year ago, which meant that the fellow mommy I relate to the most moved far, far away.  Only it’s not that far.  It felt like it, and it still does, but now that we’ve made the trip there and back, I know how manageable it was and that we will do it again soon(er than later). 

There were yummy breakfasts.

And G’s soccer game.

Which meant sharing of snacks with M.

And there was a superbaby.

There was a mini photo shoot.

And time for some snuggles.

There was a trip to the candy factory.

For “kids in a candy store,” they don’t seem very excited.

Us grownups were.  Four words:  Chocolate covered gummy bears.

Then, it was time to trust a stranger with my babies and hit the town.

Getting out of the house (baby-free) was liberating.  A breath of fresh air for both of us.

The weather was lovely; the town square colorful and vibrant.

We enjoyed dinner at a local upscale Mexican restaurant.

I just adore fresh flowers on the table.
(I indulged in the Mango Mint).
(oh, and the taco plate).

After dinner and drinks, we were ready to get back to our babies.  The next morning, it was time to say goodbye.

It’s not goodbye, precious friends, but see you again soon.

Cheers to a much needed and fabulous weekend away,

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