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I hurried to pick the boys up from the babysitter last night.  I was excited about the Indian Summer weather (80 degrees in October? Yes, please) and my lack of inspiration for dinner, because that combination means going out to eat somewhere that has a patio.  What is it about eating outside that feels so special?  I swear, food tastes better when you eat it (or cook it) outside. 

(especially messy bar-b-q)

Dexter has been such a little love lately, letting us go out to eat.  He used to demand that we hold him the entire time, but lately he’s just content as can be to play with a toy while we take our sweet time. 

(as seen here, with his new favorite friend – Freddie Firefly)

Since they were being so good and the weather was so pleasant, we decided on the spur to go to the playground for a bit.

I mean, really.  Why do we buy toys?
The sun was going down.  It was time to head to the house.  Theo is a lover of the common blanket, y’all.  He inspired an impromptu blanket and pillow party.  We threw every nearby pillow and blanket on the floor in the middle of our bedroom and rolled around like a big bunch of silly heads. 
Dexter’s obsessing over his new bumpy blanket, courtesy of Auntie Em.
Theo was never still long enough to get a decent picture and there was no time to waste.  I wanted to play too!
Was our evening completely, utterly boring and ordinary?  Definitely.
Was our night fabulous? You betcha.
Would I trade nights like that for a million dollars? Not a chance. 
Are families all over America are having the same experiences on a random Wednesday? Man, I hope so.

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