best gifts ever

When I was 12 or so, my dad surprised me with my own acoustic guitar.  I still have it, still don’t know how to play it.  Still love it.

I remember a few years in a row, getting whatever special limited edition stuffed animal it was that Target carried at Christmas time. They don’t do that anymore, do they?

Love, love, loved that Corn Silk Cabbage Patch Kid doll and pony that I got when I was about 6. My pony’s name was Elvira.  Man, I wish I could remember the doll’s name.

(borrowed from eBay)

My Hugga Bunch doll I got when I was 4 or 5.  Still have it.  Still love it.  Big, big hit.

Tweaker and her baby, Jitterbug
(borrowed from eBay)

Of course, there was the original Nintendo, when I was about 10.

Ryan surprised me with tiny diamond studs the same year we got engaged, 9 years ago.  Still wear them almost every day.

He surprised me again last year with my DSLR and an iPod Touch

I was madly in love with this Popple I got, but I don’t think I got it for Christmas.  I am almost positive it was a birthday gift the year I turned 7.

(borrowed from ioffer)

Gee.  Wonder where Theo gets his love of stuffed animals?  His current favorite?

(borrowed from fishpond)

Clearly – we’ve got to get him onto some cooler stuffed animals like the awesome ones above.  He wants the Cookie Monster real, real bad but we haven’t caved yet. 

Quick story from 11/18/11.  I posted this on Facebook, so if you aren’t my Facebook friend (first of all, what’s wrong with you?), this is for you. 

see Elmo’s socks?
This kid picked up a pair of Dexter’s socks off the couch where I had been sorting clean laundry and brought them to me.  He handed me Elmo and the socks and informed me “Elmo socks.  Feet cold.”  I’m amazed at the way he thinks sometimes!
Did you (do you still?) have a favorite childhood Christmas (or birthday) gift?  What about a favorite grown-up gift? 
be merry,