am I the only one?

Am I the only one that has no interest in potty training?  To me, it’s pretty easy to change a diaper on the go and then not worry about it for a couple of hours (unless there’s a poopy of course).  Once they are wearing underwear, you have to worry about accidents.  On the couch.  In their beds.  In the shopping cart.  In the car seat.  Theo is not quite 2 and people have started asking me about it.  He doesn’t seem terribly interested and I’m certainly not going to force it at this age.  He has a potty seat and if and when he asks to use it, I let him try.  But so far, nothing has happened.
Am I the only one that has no interest in putting my kid in a toddler bed?  Theo has never tried to climb out of his crib (knock on wood) and I am not looking forward to the day that he does.  I picture him strolling across the hall to our room all hours of the night.  I picture screaming fits at bedtime because he doesn’t understand that, just because he CAN get out of bed, it doesn’t mean that he SHOULD get out of bed.  When we were at Big Splash, he wanted to sleep in that lower bunk so bad, but he was way too excited.  He couldn’t calm down enough to do it and eventually ended up going to bed in his pack n play. 
Am I the only one that has kept my kid rear-facing all this time?  We’ve bought his next car seat, which is forward facing only.  We haven’t installed it in our vehicle yet and I don’t plan on using it until his 2nd birthday.  It will be so weird to look in the rearview mirror and see him – not a reflection of him in his mirror.  I hope he enjoys facing forward and being able to see out better.  He’ll be able to see Dexter better (which also means he will be able to throw things at him better…which does sorta worry me).
I remember when Theo was taking itty bitty steps.  It seemed like he would never be able to just walk around the room without thinking about it.  It seemed like such a hurdle.  These developmental milestones are huge at the time and then you almost forget how big they were once they’ve been conquered.  I know we’ll eventually get on the other side of the potty training and toddler bed hurdles, and (hopefully) look back and appreciate how easy it was.  But right now?  Right now those two things seem just about impossible.  I can’t imagine life without diapers and cribs.
Now I’m asking you, the experts. 
At what age did you potty train your kid?  Was it a nightmare?
At what age did you transition him/her to a toddler bed.  Was it a nightmare?

**UPDATE!  I wrote this post a couple days before it published and Theo has since taken his first ride in his forward facing seat, which we have installed in R’s parents car.  Our babysitter is  having her baby so they are taking over watching the boys for a few weeks while she recuperates.  He loved it and today the first words out of his mouth were “new car seat! Ride to Nanny’s house in Pop Pop’s car!”  Safe to say he appreciates the change.  

Despite the look on his face, he was very excited!