Dexter & Dawson
I gotta give it up to professional photographers.  It is not easy to get 2 babies to look in the same direction and smile simultaneously. 
Aren’t these two buddies the most precious little things?
Dawson’s mama and I went to college together and stayed in touch off and on through Myspace (oh, remember Myspace?) and Facebook.  We really started talking a lot more after I started my blog and then even more a few months later when she got pregnant. 
She always had questions for me about pregnancy, then labor and delivery, then about having a newborn.  Hey, I’m no expert, but I like feeling like one.  I always take an interest in my friends’ pregnancies and babies, that’s my thing. That’s what I love.  If I have a pregnant friend, you can bet I’ll be cheering them along throughout their pregnancy and pep talking them, pumping them up about how childbirth is what their bodies are built to do.  That the female body already knows how to give birth, even when the female mind is scared to death.  If they’d let me, I’d be in the delivery room with pom poms and a megaphone.  Maybe that wouldn’t be so helpful.
Some friends appreciate it, some friends blow it off.  Dawson’s mama, I guess she appreciated it.  And I appreciate that.  And since her sweet little peanut was born last August, we’ve become pretty good friends.  Almost daily texters.  We went from just talking about babies to a whole lot more.  I like it.
Sometimes friendships bloom where you least expect them.  Sometimes they wilt when you never thought they would.  I’m thankful for my new and blossoming friendship with Dawson’s mommy.  Even though we live an hour apart, we’ve made a point to get together quite a bit.  Every relationship takes a little work, you know.  I guess the ones that were meant to wilt…just wilt.  The ones that are meant to bloom will flourish.
Maybe motherhood bonded us.  Maybe it’s what has made other friends of mine drift away.  Maybe some friendships aren’t supposed to span lifetimes.  Maybe they’re just intended to support you through a particular phase of life.  Maybe that’s all this is, but I hope not.
So us two moms, we’ve decided that our little silly billies will be friends.  We will force their little baby friendship to bloom, whether they like it or not. 
So far?  So good. 



Happy Tuesday.