and just like that…it was over.

I’ve blogged and blogged about my decreasing milk supply and how sad I was when I realized I wasn’t going to make it to my goal of nursing Dexter for 12 months.

On March 17, Dexter drank his first bottle of formula.  We started with a bottle a day.  By the following Saturday, March 24, he was down to nursing once a day.  That Thursday, March 29, I nursed him for the last time.

And just like that…it was over.

I had a pretty good idea that it was over that day, but I wasn’t positive so maybe it wasn’t as sad as it would have been, had I known for sure.  By Friday, I knew for sure.  I hadn’t nursed in 24 hours and didn’t feel like I needed to or could if I wanted to.

The transition to formula was pretty easy.  We’ve learned that he likes it at a certain temperature or he tosses that bottle like a hot potato.  It feels weird to feed my baby a bottle because I never really had until now.  It makes me ache when he turns onto his side, trying to bury his face in my chest.  I know what he wants and I can’t give it to him.  Soon enough, he’ll forget.

I can’t stop thinking about how my baby days are almost over.


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