having your house on the market is for the birds.

Our house has been on the market for 10 days.  We’ve had 14 showing and two offers.  The first offer came on the first full day it was active and it was a good offer.  We responded with a fair counter offer that we were sure would be accepted. We couldn’t believe how easy and fast it happened.  Then the buyer totally flaked and we never heard from them again.

Then we got an offer tonight and it was a complete joke.  It’s hard not to get offended when someone low balls you.  After, you know, you spend weeks and weeks working hard to get the house ready to list.  When you run around like a crazy person to get it show ready on a moment’s notice, meanwhile scrapping your dinner plans and waking kids up from their naps (and if you have kids, you know this is a monumental sacrifice).  These 10 days have been the most stressful days we’ve had as homeowners.

We have been on edge for the last 10 days.  I don’t know how people survive in this state for more than a couple of weeks.  I so hope something comes through soon, before we all lose our minds.  At the same time, we have nowhere to go.  We looked at five houses on Friday night and none of them meet our needs.  I sure have a lot more sympathy for the owners of the homes we visit, knowing we are displacing them for the time frame we are supposed to be there.  Knowing that they are waiting to hear if we liked it, if we are going to make an offer.  Knowing they probably ran around like a crazy person trying to clean it up at the last second before our showing was scheduled to start.

Potential buyers are kind of annoying.  Like the way they leave the toilet lid up.  Um, hello. We have cats.  We’d rather they didn’t go swimming while we’re not home.  Realtors are kind of annoying too.  Like the kind that take our furnace cover off and just sit it there instead of fastening it back correctly…because that means the furnace cover falls on my car and cracks my windshield.  Yeah, that happened.  So now I guess we get to eat $300 to get it replaced because we invited him into our home and he was too lazy or dumb and disrespectful to do the right thing.  Thanks, guy.

I’m over it.  Can you tell?  Maybe we’ll just stay here.

fed up,

Come on.  Who wouldn’t want to live here?  (Besides us?)