quiet time, reflecting on my homelessness

The boys are in bed, the house is clean, and brownies are baking in the oven. What I should be doing is working on Dexter’s first year photo book, but that’s a lot of work and I’m feeling a little lazy right now. Can I just say I didn’t really get the rage about an iPad until we got one? Love this thing.

So I’m just sitting here, looking out the window at our big, pretty backyard, thinking how much it’s going to suck in a month WHEN WE’RE HOMELESS. Yep, we sold our house in 12 days, and if everything goes smoothly from here on out, we will be closing at the end of May. And living out of suitcases in our car. We haven’t found anything we want to buy and since we’ll be spending a lot of money and a lot of our lives on this purchase, we’re not going to rush because our lives are inconvenient right now.

Could someone please remind me why we thought it would be a good time to do this with a two year old and an 11 month old? Can’t remember for some reason.

We are still having Dexter’s party at the house in a couple of weeks. Weird to think that it will be the last time most of our friends and some of our family ever see this place. It was so much fun buying this house and making it our own. I wish I had photos of the transformation over the past 8 years. It has been a work in progress, that’s for sure. It’s home to us and it’s hard to imagine any other house feeling so much like home. Home sweet home.

It’s where we became a family. We loved here, we fought here. We rejoiced here and cried here and celebrated here and lost here. We are only the third owners of this fifty year old house. We are as much a part of its story as it is a part of ours. We are really going to miss this place.