the story of a little boy who’d had enough

Once upon a time there was an older brother.  He got to do things that the younger brother didn’t get to do.  Ever.  Like go on tractor rides with Pop Pop.

The younger brother put up with it and didn’t say much for many months until one day… one day he couldn’t take it anymore.  One day he decided he’d had enough of sitting on the sidelines, riding the baby toy, and watching his older brother have all the fun. 
So, he watched and he waited.  He waited until the time was right.  He sat still until the tractor came back around.  But he never let that tractor out of his sight. 
When the tractor went by, younger brother parked his baby toy car and ran after the tractor, as fast as his baby feet would take him.  But he was too slow. By the time he got to the shed, Pop Pop and older brother had already put the tractor away. 
The brothers’ mommy was there and asked Pop Pop if he would pleeeease take younger brother for a tractor ride, as it was clear that the little blonde boy’s heart was surely breaking.  Pop Pop obliged.
Younger brother took his new opportunity very seriously and made sure he drove the tractor just the way older brother did.  Pop Pop drove very slowly and younger brother looked all around, seeing the familiar surroundings from a whole new perspective. 
Older brother caught wind of what was going on and stared possessively at the tractor from across the yard. He began formulating a plan for younger brother’s downfall and snapped into action. He grabbed some tools out of the trunk of his car and knocked younger brother’s car over.  He quickly sabotaged the car in hopes of ruining younger brother’s day. 
Much to older brother’s disappointment, younger brother never got back on his car that day because the entire family went to Pizza Hut to celebrate the momentous occasion.  Older brother forgot all about it and mainly focused on breadsticks. 
Meanwhile, younger brother pooped at the table.  Because when you’re a baby, you can do that sh*t.  Pun intended.  
Everyone got their butts cleaned, ate pizza, felt better, and lived happily ever after.