if you really knew me

You’d know that I suck at crowds and I’m not great with strangers. I have some social anxiety, which I guess is linked to my not-so-fabulous self esteem. You’d know that I’m incredibly shy and if I feel awkward around someone, I’ll probably just make an excuse to slip away.  I’m good one on one, or even talking to a couple new people at once…but only if they’re more talkative than me. No crowds of new people please. I hate the spotlight. Being the guest of honor at a party or event gives me bubble guts. 

You’d know I hate onions and Brad Paisley, but I love chili and Sugarland. You’d know I met my husband at Disney World and that we were in a long distance relationship for almost four years before we got married.

You’d know I sleep on my stomach, I love animated movies (Little Mermaid especially), and I’m grumpy if I don’t wake up on my own. You’d know I used to want a little girl so bad that I said if I had two boys, I’d try one more time for a girl (and you’d know I’ve changed my mind).

You’d know that I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 15 and that I have never used drugs. None. Never. You’d know my 2 bestest friends from high school are both named Emily and that I spent so much time with them that they became an entity known as “the Emilies” for years. You’d know that my mama treats those girls like family.

You’d know I love my babies more than anything in the whole wide world and that I’d do anything to make them smile. You’d know that I’m quick to lose my patience and that I often second guess my parenting. You’d know that my little family is my world and I’m doing my best for them.

Thanks to Sarah for the inspiration.