things are poppin’

We’ve been enjoying some yummy new treats, courtesy of my new Zoku quickpop maker.  I’ve been wanting this thing for at least a year.  When I finally got it for Christmas, and read the instructions, I thought hmm….maybe this was dumb.  But turns out, it’s not complicated at all and these pops are so GOOD!  The boys love them (and so do I).

Aunt Michelle and Uncle Bob popped into town to pick up our nephew Spencer, who had been staying with Ryan and Michelle’s parents…the beloved duo of Nana and Pop Pop, since New Year’s Day.  Theo and Dexter had a blast playing with Spencer.  They loved having a sleepover!  
Saturday we went to Shapiro’s, a well-known spot in Indy, for lunch.  We chowed down on some giant sandwiches (I watched my portions, y’all!).  
this kid, however, cleaned his plate!
Nana and Pop Pop’s three grandsons sure do love them!
And everyone loves Dexter. 
OH and one other thing that popped this weekend…..
My sister had her sweet baby girl, Penelope Quinn today January 6, 2013.  I am bursting with joy and excitement for them and wallowing in a little self-pity at the same time because I’m not there.  I now have 2 nieces and 2 nephews and this is the first time I wasn’t there, at the hospital, for the birth.  SAD!  Even sadder because there’s a 99.999% chance that this was my last chance to be there for a niece/nephew birth.   Without further ado, Penelope, Isabella, and Malachi.