mommy’s pet peeves

I’m participating in Toddle Along Tuesday with Melissa at Growing Up Geeky and this week’s topic is Mommy’s Pet Peeves.

Let me just say that I try to maintain a positive attitude overall, but sometimes it’s just fun necessary to vent!  Here are some of my pet peeves:

1. I know I’m not a princess and my children are not royalty or anything, but for the love of Pete, hold the freakin’ door open when you see a lady with an 188′ long double stroller coming through. No excuses.

2. I’ve never denied that Dexter was a “surprise” to us but for crying out loud, don’t ask a lady you barely know if her second pregnancy (or any pregnancy) was planned.  Geez.

3. You know how annoying it is when people park 3″ from you and you have to shimmy into the car sideways to avoid slamming your door into their car?  Only because you don’t want to mess up your own car?  Well, there’s a whole new level of annoying to this when you have to put a toddler in a carseat.  Come ON!

4. How about every time you say something about your child to someone and they have to one-up you?  They feel the need to tell you something that their kid did that was bigger and better than your kid’s thing.  Every.Single.Time.  Guess what?  It’s not necessary.

5. People that have to have every most expensive brand/thing for their kid.  Just because it’s expensive.  Because it sure isn’t always cute.  Can’t use hand-me-downs because that’s for poor people. Go ahead and call me poor, pal, that’s one less thing I have to buy.

6. Rude strangers in public that ignore my {obviously adorable, sweet} children when they wave or say “hi.”  As crazy as it makes me sound, I am always offended by this and am paranoid it will hurt the boys’ feelings.

What annoys you the most?