Dexter’s 2nd birthday

Par for the course, I’m a little bit behind on posting about Dexter’s birthday.  His celebration lasted for about a week with several separate mini-celebrations.

His birthday was on Monday 5/13.  On the Saturday morning before (also the day before Mother’s Day…busy weekend!), we met a friend at the bounce house and they played for maybe an hour and a half.

Afterwards, we had lunch at McAlister’s and took the boys home to put them in bed.

 I fixed cheesy potatoes, homemade rolls, and homemade funfetti cupcakes complete with homemade milk chocolate and buttercream frostings.  We also marinated and grilled shrimp and pork chops.  Ryan’s parents came over for dinner and we decorated a little bit with some fun sports balls balloons, plates, napkins, etc.

Of course there were gifts and big brother “helping” Dexter open them.  If that’s what you want to call it.

Theo helped Dexter pick his ice cream… mint chocolate chip.  Why?  Because Theo is obsessed with GREEN.  All things must be green.  So when we were at Target the night before and Theo was begging for green ice cream but we told him that ultimately it was Dexter’s choice, sweet Dex had mercy on Theo’s soul and conceded.  Turned out to be quite delicious. 
It was nice enough to play outside for a little bit, despite being a little chilly for MID-MAY. Come on, weather. Get it together. 
Dueling lawnmowers.  Gnomeo and Juliet, anyone?
On Monday, Dexter’s actual birthday, I decided to forego sending any treats to the babysitter’s house, as cruel as I felt, due to the amount of JUNK that had been consumed over the weekend and knowing that we were having friends over for a cookout that night.  Some good friends that live nearby helped us celebrate yet again.
Ladies’ man!!
On the Thursday after Dexter’s birthday (5/16) we drove down to Pigeon Forge, TN and met up with my mom, sister, and her family at a cabin.  We spent Friday at Dollywood as another quasi-celebration of Dexter’s birthday.  I had intended to have more cake, more ballooons, and more ALLTHATSTUFF but I think we were all sort of partied out and caked out.  So we settled for more presents and lots of family time.  Perfect way to cap Dexter’s week-long, two-is-terrific, birthday hurrah.  

So as you can see, we’ve been a bit busy. I have much more from Pigeon Forge and Memorial Day weekend to share, but I’m trying to do things in order.  And yes, we intended to get our money’s worth out of that 2nd birthday shirt Dexter’s wearing in the majority of these pics.  It paid off because as we were eating at Miss Lillian’s Chicken House (at Dollywood), Miss Lillian herself sung Dexter a very special birthday song. Extreme fun!  
So that’s sweet Dexter’s birthday.  A special week of fun for a special little boy!  Not quite the huge circus-themed bash we had last year (here, here, and here), but it was perfect to all of us.  🙂 Loving having these 2 & 3 year olds.  It’s definitely a different stage, but so much fun.