weigh to go: 4 months in

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My goal starting out in January was to lose 20-24 pounds and remain in that range.  I’m happy to finally report that I made it! I have been in this range for about 3 weeks now.  I lost about five pounds in a couple of days when I had strep throat at the end of April, and gained a couple of them back.  Here I am in January (after my first trip to the gym in 2 or more years) and after my run tonight:

I feel much better, but I still have work to do.  I still feel squishy.  I want to feel fit.  I feel healthier but I don’t necessarily feel like a fit person.  Strep throat threw me off track with Couch to 5k and I still have not completely gotten back on track.  And now I’ve lost track of whether I’m just one week behind or two.



I WILL finish Couch to 5k by the end of May.  I will make it happen.  Why?  Because I’ve registered for my first 5k on June 1st!  I’m excited and a little nervous.  I’ve made a lot of progress considering that I struggled to run for 1 minute at a time when I started Couch to 5k and now I’m struggling to run 28 minutes…but I’m doing it!  I loathe it during sometimes, but afterwards it is one of the best feelings in the world. Truly!  I think I even saw a glimmer of a calf muscle tonight. I’m running outside more than inside, which (for me) is much more difficult physically.  The treadmill is boring though and I tend to stare at the clock, so either way it’s a challenge.

Tonight was the first night I had to run 28 min. The last three runs were only 25. Doesn’t sound like a huge difference but you better believe I threw my everything into those last three minutes while I was jamming out to Alicia Keys’ Superwoman because I wanted to quit. Bad.  It was hot.  The path I chose was very hilly.  I had just eaten dinner.  It was rough and I was super slow. But I made it without walking. Woo! Afterwards, I was anxious to find out if I ran further than I had the previous week and sadly, it was the exact same.  Given the environmental challenges, I’m not beating myself up about it too much since I did finish without stopping (and that’s my goal for the 5k, not speed).  But it would have been nice if I’d gone further than the 2.2mi that I have been running for the past week in 25 minutes.

Long way of saying I got behind, but I haven’t given up. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I only have 5 more Couch to 5k workouts remaining and I kind of don’t know what to do with myself once that’s over. Aside from walking, this has pretty much been my only exercise since I started it 9-ish weeks ago.

Suggestions?  I get bored going to the gym and doing cardio & weights.  I’ve thought about P90x but we don’t have a great place for that until we get the basement finished.  


Mother’s Day 2013

cheating a little – this one was taken Saturday. 
Sunday started out with a blank slate – no plans.  “The boys” got me a gift card to my favorite spa for a pedicure and 1 hour Swedish massage.  So looking forward to that pampering!  Theo has been asking to go to Scotty’s for a few weeks now, so I told him to ask daddy if he could take me there for Mother’s Day.  If you’re local, and especially if you’re local and you have kids, you need to go there!  They have a great kids’ menu and kids eat free on Sundays and Tuesdays.  Little did I know that moms received a free dessert as well on Mother’s Day!  All around win.  Food was delicious. The boys cleaned their plates!
Afterwards, we talked about where we could go and what we could do downtown that the boys would enjoy. It was a beautiful day, but a little chilly so the Central Library seemed like a good option. The boys had never been and I had not been there in a long time.  I think we were all awestruck at the enormity of the open space inside.  It is a beautiful, historic building that underwent a huge renovation a few years ago.  Modern function meets classic beauty.  The boys had fun playing on the computers, running from one end of the kids section to the other, and picking over a few million books.  Afterwards, we strolled around outside a little bit and I only snapped a few pics on my phone that I am having trouble transferring to my email/computer. Boo.
We went home and the boys took LONG naps, Ryan cut the grass, and I tore everything out of our bathroom vanity and re-orgainzed like a mad woman. Then cleaned the soap scum out of our shower that had been building for longer than I care to admit.  Doesn’t sound too relaxing, but it’s what I wanted. TIME. Time to do things that go beyond the basic laundry folding and dishwasher unloading.  I need lots more of it, but nothing is so pressing that it can’t wait.  After they got up, we enjoyed a nice dinner and lounged around the rest of the evening.   I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day!
Oh, the boys were funny.  Dexter kept saying Happy’s Mother Day instead of Happy Mother’s Day.  Then Theo  got confused and kept asking “can you tell me the words again?”  I love those two little crazies.  And their dad is a-okay too. 

Dear Dexter (2 year letter)

Dear Dexy,

Two years have whizzed by and here we are once again, celebrating another birthday.  You have been celebrating for a few days already and we’ve told you happy birthday so many times that you probably have no clue when your birthday really is.  We decided not to have a big party this year, just a few small gatherings with the people closest to our family.
Such a big kid now. 
Every time we drive past a playground, daycare, or elementary school, you shout “mommy, a playground! I wanna go there!”  You are noticing everything in your world and telling us about it. Your vocabulary and ability to initiate conversation has exploded in the last couple of months. I love being able to talk to you in the car about every little thing you see.  
You have boundless energy and enthusiasm for life.  You have started having the occasional tantrum but you don’t hold a candle to your brother in that department. Yet.  Since you were tiny, you have always been this happy little guy.  Content. Laid back and happy to go with the flow.  It doesn’t seem to bother you when your schedule changes. Without a nap, you become more hyper and less willing to listen to redirection but it doesn’t ruin your day.  Like some people (no names!). 
You might end up being our little sports fanatic.  Just like daddy.  You have shown an interest in sports on t.v. and can identify most sports balls.  You taught yourself how to dribble a basketball and will spend lots of time outside in the driveway showing us and practicing.  You also love to just throw a ball.  Or bounce a ball. Or kick a ball. Or roll a ball.  I love that you have this interest because it’s yours and yours alone. This is not something that you like because Theo does.  This is ALL YOU!  
You love mowing the grass!
You have such a fun, curious, and mischevious personality, but you also have such a sweet side.  You love coming into mommy & daddy’s bed early in the morning and snuggling between us.  You’ll say “I wanna sun-gull.”  You love having someone gently tickle your back or belly.  You’ll say “kickle my bell-dee!”  You love giving hugs and chisses and frequently ask for them.  You tell us all the time “I love and like you!”  Sweet, sweet, boy.  I love and like you too.  More than you’ll ever know. 
You love to eat!  You are not picky about what you eat.  For almost as long as I can remember, you’ve been stubborn about feeding yourself.  We cleaned up a lot of messes because you started this at a very young age.  Apparently independence is wearing off because now you’ll often ask for help with your spoon or help with your fork when it’s too much trouble or effort for you.  You love meat, fruit, vegetables, cheese, sweets, and salty treats.  You’re just an easy guy to please.
You and your brother are quite a silly pair together.  Sure, you push and shove and take things away from each other but often times, the best part of my day is watching you play together.  Offering to help your brother or accepting help from him.  You love each other.  One of my biggest hopes for you and Theo is that you’ll always be close. That you’ll always love, help, and support each other.  That you’ll love each other’s kids and be the coolest uncles and the best dads in town.  You’ve got a great role model. 
Dexter, your daddy and I cannot imagine life without you.  You are an incredible little boy!  I’m so proud to call you mine, even though I know you’re not, really.  I’m just housing, loving, and teaching you until you are ready to take on the world. I’m honored to be your mom.  Two is going to be amazing!
all the hugs and kisses chisses you can handle,