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This month has flown by and I’ve only blogged a handful of times.  Why?  Been busy doing stuff.  Not the kind of stuff that matters to anyone but me and my little family, but the big stuff really is the little stuff, isn’t it?  The other day, the boys and I were sitting at the kitchen table when Dexter asked (while eating a clementine), “is Grammy coming to my house?”  I thought this question was out of the blue and I answered him, “I think she’s going to visit us pretty soon, but why do you ask?”  He said, “I want Grammy to come to my house and bring oranges.”  My heart melted.  Eating his clementine, he remembered that the last time my mom visited, she brought oranges and peeled and shared them with Dexter every day.  Toys, events, things, places…we try so hard to make the boys happy. To make sure that their minds are flooded with happy memories of their childhoods thus far. But what do they remember?  Grammy sharing oranges.  That’s the big stuff.  Here are some other big, not-so-big, things we’ve been up to this July. 
Car Wash Night


Finally got some sand for the sand box…which they have pretty much outgrown (but they love it anyway). 

Daddy’s Birthday
Wasn’t it nice of Theo to pick out TMNT legos for his pops?
Picnic at the park

We met Pop Pop at the park for a little train ride.

Then went to Nana and Pop Pop’s house for a nap…
and dinner.
 Mommy & Daddy had a double date to see Luke Bryan with friends.

An after-dinner trip to the park on a breezy summer night.

They loved this bridge.

Theo is obsessed with climbing.

His entire life, Dexter has been so scared of the baby swings.  All of the sudden, he’s in love with the big swings.  He stayed here for a good 20 minutes or more.
When did my baby boy get so big?

Hope you’ve been as busy as we have, just enjoying the little (big) things and making little (special) memories.


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