conversations with toddlers

Two weeks ago last Friday, we converted Dexter’s crib into a toddler bed.  The first few nights went well, then when they both realized the freedom that this transition allowed them, all hell essentially broke loose.  By the following Saturday, the madness reached it’s peak.  They had been in their room for maybe and hour and a half, just running laps and going insane when I heard the door creak. We’ve been putting the baby gate up at their door to minimize their trips out to the living room to ask a question or pose a “guess what…” conversation.  We muted the t.v. and waited for one of them to yell out to us.

Theo: Mommy?
Me: Yes?
Theo: Can you turn on the light for me?
Me: No. It’s bedtime.
Theo: But Mommy!! We’re playing shooters and all SORTS of games in here!!
Me: Then I guess you’ll have to play in the dark.
Theo: (very excitedly) OKAY THANKS MOM! (and slams the door shut).

Ryan and I busted out laughing.  I’m assuming he was thrilled that I essentially gave him permission to continue playing. The best part of it was that Theo can reach the light, could have turned it on himself, and we would have never known…

Little tidbits:

Theo refers to tomorrow as “next day” and yesterday as “last day.”

Dexter calls tomatoes “buh-nay-toes.”

Can’t they just stay little forever?