vacation’s not far away

Now is about the time Ryan and I get sad that our vacation is over.  Oh, I know we haven’t even stepped foot on the plane yet, and won’t for another few weeks, but as fast as time has flown since we started talking about and planning for the trip, I know we’ll be sitting around in no time, lamenting about how it went by too quick and how we’re left with nothing but the memories. And thousands of photos. And cheap (not-cheap) souvenirs. And the credit card bill.  I mean literally, guys, we started planning TWO YEARS ago.  And now we’re within days.  Not single digits, but definitely single digit weeks.

We’re getting down to the nitty gritty details. We’ve been scouring the mall for clearance swimsuits and shorts. That is one fantastic perk to vacationing in Florida in October – summer clothes are dirt cheap right now!  We’re trying to decide whether we’ll be able to carry everything on between the four of us being able to have 1 carry-on bag and a backpack type bag. But then who will manage the children? Ryan’s parents and my mom are driving so they both have offered to take some items for us as well (extra shoes, swim gear, toiletries, diapers & wipes, etc). 

We might have to do a trial pack and see how it goes.  I’m making lists of things I DARE NOT FORGET, but I don’t remember where any of them are right now.  (Dis?) Organized chaos, people.

The adrenaline is kicking in.  There MIGHT be a spreadsheet with our itenerary floating around.  I might have already enlisted my cousin to come stay with us the weekend before to help us pack.  I might have already told the teachers and babysitters and put a hold on our mail with the USPS.

Ramping up! Geeking out! Pinning all things family vacation/Disney World with toddlers/first flight, etc etc etc! 

Maybe I should take a deeeeep breath….