weigh to stay: 9 months in

Before October’s over, I wanted to get my weight loss post up.

Previous updates HERE.

I was excited to weigh in a couple of days after we returned from vacation to find that I actually lost 1.5 pounds on our trip.  I’m pretty sure they’ve caught back up with me since we’ve been home.  I’m still successfully keeping the weight that I lost away, and in excess of my original goal.  My goal was 20-24 pounds and I’m staying around 25-26 pounds lost.

I knew I wouldn’t log in to MyFitnessPal on vacation and I’ve had a really hard time getting back into it since we’ve been back.  I’m sure I’m eating more than the recommended calories, but not enough to gain all my weight back (in the last 2 weeks anyway).  About 4 weeks before we left, I made a goal of running 12 times before vacation and I came pretty close – 11 runs.  I saved the last one for the day before we left and that was a mistake – there was just WAY too much to do.

I walked nonstop while on vacation, but haven’t gone on a run since we’ve been back.  Do I have excuses? Sure.  Are they good? Eh.  Kinda – I’ve been coughing since before we left and pretty sure I had the flu this past weekend.  Just kind of waiting to feel better. I was looking for some inspiration yesterday and came across this quote:

I don’t know who said it.  It’s relevant for many things, but couldn’t help but immediately relate it to losing weight, living a healthy life, etc.  There’s always an excuse.  So, in short, I’m still doing okay.  I could be doing better.  I don’t plan on getting back into the bad habits I had a year ago when I could barely stand to try on clothes or look in the mirror at myself.  
I’ve talked about it before – I hate winter.  It’s no secret.  I feel a little sad in the winter. Tired. I don’t like to be cold so I don’t like to leave the  house.  I’m euphoric in the springtime.  So it will take a little extra mmmph to get me up and out and moving, but I know this is what I want for my self, my life, my health. So I have to find a way instead of an excuse.  

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