weigh to stay: 12 months in!!

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Technically, my December post should be “11 months in” but since it’s the end of the month and almost a year since my original post, I’m skipping a month.  It has been one year since I decided enough was enough and that I was tired of feeling gross and eating gross.  My goal for the year was to lose 20-24 pounds and stay in that range. I started off using My Fitness Pal on both my phone and on the computer to log EVERY single thing I ate.  I don’t think I skipped a single thing I put in my mouth until about May of this year.  I was hardcore!  This was the catalyst for my success going forward.  Mid to late January I joined the gym and started doing cardio and weights a few times a week.  In March, I decided to try Couch 2 5k.  In May I surpassed my goal of a 20-24 pound weight loss. I completed the program in June but didn’t do the race I had signed up for.  (C25k is a 9 week training program in which you run 3x per week in increasing intervals until you can run for 30 solid minutes).

I continued running in the summer but it was much more intermittent just because it was so hot out and I was busier with playing with the boys outside.  I continued managing my diet well and hit my highest weight loss in 2013 at about 28 pounds lost.  I picked up running again before our vacation in October and was really on a good roll.  Even after Thanksgiving, my weight loss to date was about 25 pounds.  In December, well….

In December, I’ve weighed myself sparingly.  And watched my consumption of junk very sparingly.  I’ve put a few pounds back on but I think for today, it’s safe to say my weight loss is around 22 pounds for the year.  Still within my goal range but I’m definitely not feeling the best that I have felt all year.  I was in the best shape when I was running three times a week. I feel squishy and out of shape right now and my pants are tighter than they were a month ago.  With that being said, I can’t believe I was 20+ pounds heavier this time last year.  I’d call my new year’s resolution a success, but I still have work to do. I will do a separate post with resolutions for 2014, which will include continued health/fitness goals.

At the end of 2013, this is me:

And I’m okay with that.
Still a work in progress,