catch the moment 365: week three

Another week dominated by illness at our house! ARGH.  I’m so ready to get this gross winter over with. Not only does it make taking decent photos inside the house impossible on work days, the sickness we’ve been going through is really starting to get depressing. I realize I’m posting way more photos of Dexter than Theo this week, but sometimes Theo is just not very cooperative for the camera. That’s life, ya know?

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15/365: January 15th.  Alone time for mommy at Homegoods after dinner with a friend.  So much pretty stuff here, why do I own zero percent of it? 

16/365: January 16th.  I guess this one speaks for itself?

17/365: January 17th.  I took the day off to spend with a friend and it ended up being a sick day for me. This was the only photo I could muster but pretty much sums up the day.

18/365: January 18th. A long day after a long night with the boys waking up multiple times apiece.  Dexter enjoyed this fun learning game and so did I!

19/365: January 19th. Cabin fever set in – we had to get out for a morning treat. America Runs on Dunkin!
20/365: January 20th.  On the drive home from work.  This project has me constantly scanning for something beautiful. Something photo-worthy besides my kids.  I’m enjoying my elevated awareness of the beauty around me. 
21/365: January 21st.  Story time with dad before bed.  Sometimes story time is not Dr. Suess, but looking through daddy’s Marvel Encyclopedia and learning about villains.  My boys love the bad guys!
So we made it through another week of sickness and seem to be on the mend….until the next bug bites us. And I’m 3 weeks into this 52 week photo-a-day project and so far all of my photos have been taken with my DSLR with the vast majority shot in something other than Auto.  I’m also doing the Fat Mum Slim photo-a-day challenge on Instagram so taking pictures is always on my mind. This week, my favorite photo would have to be day 18 – Dexter working on the alphabet game. I just love the colors and his little chubby hands! I’m actually happy with all of my photos this week, aside from day 17.  I can truly say that it was a challenge that day to just pick up the camera and make the effort.  
Which one is your favorite from this week?