catch the moment 365: week two

It was back to somewhat normal routines after a couple of weeks of Christmas break topped off by a few snow days.  Getting back into the groove of the daily grind was a little tricky at best.  Luckily the boys’ first week back to reality was only three days long before two more “mommy & daddy days.”  Unfortunately we started the first full week with more illness.  When is enough enough? Because we’ve had enough!

8/365: January 8. Bathtime = Playtime.

9/365: January 9.  Frozen tundra.
10/365: January 10. Time sheet day.  It’s not every day that you get to use correction tape.

11/365: January 11. De-Christmasing the house. Plastic, shatter-proof ornaments are basically the best thing ever when you have little kids.

12/365: January 12.  The great thaw.  Finally, a sunny warm(er) day to melt the foot of snow.
13/365:  January 13. They actually cooperated with posing together – they just wanted to show off their coordinating shirts.

14/365:  January 14. Sick day home with mommy. 
Which is your favorite picture from this week?  I kind of like day 14 – Theo’s sweet, baby, innocent face.  Why can’t my skin be that perfect? I don’t get to stare at him being still for very long most of the time.  I also love the colors of the ornaments on day 11.