overheard around the house

It’s been a while since I’ve recapped some of the cute/funny things that the boys say. I’ve been trying to keep a mental list, so here’s what I can remember right now.

Theo and Dexter both say “yo-grit” instead of yogurt.
Dexter doesn’t say “r” in words like green, broke, etc. They sound like “geen” and “boke.” I rarely try to correct him, because it’s one of the few, fleeting baby things still happening around here.  I’m enjoying it while it lasts. He calls fruit snacks are “fwoot snacks.”

Theo says “Monsters Inc Universed” instead of Monsters University.
Theo says “Teenage Mint Ninja Turtles.”
Theo calls Star Wars “Starwers.”
Dexter is starting to say grown up phrases like “how many times did I tell you?”
Theo often answers questions, “shoot yeah!” or “shoot no!” I’m not sure where he heard that!

Theo sometimes uses “responsible” and “ridiculous” interchangeably. This can be pretty hilarious at times.

Theo pronounces most things perfectly but gets a little tripped up on a few character names.

For example:
R2-D2:  R-Tooty
Darth Vader: Dark Vader
Clone Trooper:  Clown Trooper
Darth Maul: Dark Mall
Madam Leota: Mama Yoda

Dexter overheard someone expel a little gas over the holidays and said “what did YOU have for breakfast?”

Theo is always asking us, “what’s your favorite color?” and giving us a toy or book or anything that color. As if we automatically like anything and everything that color.

Every day when the boys wake up, they ask us “Is it wake up time?” and “Is it a mommy and daddy day?”

Every time I’m in the kitchen, and Dexter hears the microwave, he asks “is it dinner time?”

Oh, there’s so much more but every time I sit down to write it out, everything flies out of my brain. These are the little things that I know I will soon forget, yet love so much about this age and stage in their lives.