project 365

My pal Mindi guilted talked me into doing a Project 365 this year so I’m joining her and a couple of her blogger friends in their collaborative linky that has grown to over 90 members, Catch The Moment 365. Click the button below to learn more or, even better, join up!

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Starting this Friday I’ll be linking a weekly post with Mindi, Sarah, and Stephanie showcasing 1 picture I’ve taken each day and I hope/intend to do this thoughout all of 2014. As I mentioned in my previous post, I think this will be my most challenging resolution this year; simply because I have a hard time making myself go through my photos, take the time to edit them, etc. This commitment will give me the push I need.

I’m starting to organize and optimize my chances for success now by creating a folder on my desktop with sub folders for each month. Since I get on my laptop several times a week, I will plan on scanning through my photos for the day/few days prior and selecting which ones will go in my weekly post, edit a couple at a time, then slide them on over to that folder. Then, when it’s time to create my weekly post, it’ll be quick and easy. Hey, I said it was a plan.

fingers crossed,