snow days: 2014 style

Click below for depressing fun flashbacks:
snow: 2013 style
snow: 2011 style (itty bitty baby Theo!)

We got home from Christmas at my mom’s just in time to avoid having to drive in the blizzard conditions we’ve been experiencing here in the Midwest.  Throughout the day on Sunday, snow fell and we accumulated 12 inches.  Yesterday, wind chills were -40.  Ryan asked me if I wanted to go outside to see what -40 felt like.

No thanks.  Today we’ve warmed up to a nice -28 wind chill.  I’ve never experienced such meteorological madness! Luckily these insane temps are only expected to last these 2 days and then we’re supposed to get back up above zero.  Thank goodness, my office has been closed these two days and Ryan is able to work from home.  I can’t even imagine getting the boys out in this weather. I remember driving to work in scary snowy conditions a couple of years ago and I’m glad that I no longer have to contend with that stress and danger. Get to the point, right?  Sunday, while the snow was falling from the sky, a guilt fell over me as well.  I knew the boys would ask to play in the snow and that it would be way too cold by Monday for them to do so.  As much as I HATE the snow and the cold, I suggested playing outside and the boys jumped on the opportunity.  Theo got out much quicker than Dexter did and I had to get my camera out of the weather because it was getting too wet so I didn’t get many pics of my blondie bear.

Only Ryan gets credit for this awesome snowman.

Other than our fun in the snow, we’ve just been inside watching movies, snuggling, and playing Legos, Jake, and Batman. And eating. And just being generally lazy.  It’s like the best thing ever. 

Time for haircuts. Again.

The boys have been getting along and behaving surprisingly well considering we’re on our 4th day home. I think the LOAD of Christmas presents they’ve received in the last 2 weeks must be helping.  I’ve been playing with my camera, getting away from Auto and into Manual.

So what if our house looks like this?

Hope you’re staying warm.  Unless you’re at the beach. Then I hope it’s just unseasonably cold there. 
Just kidding.
Kind of.

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