a (satur)day in the life

As a bonus challenge for the Catch The Moment 365 project I am participating in, it was proposed that everyone try documenting an entire day in photos.  We’ll be linking these posts up via our hosts, Nurse Loves Farmer, Simply Stavish, and Behind the Camera and Dreaming.

So this is a pretty typical Saturday on a weekend where we have little or nothing planned.  You’ll quickly see (as I did) how much our life revolves around eating and sleeping.

Saturday, March 1st.


Despite our pleading to not wake us up before Mr. Sunshine comes to visit, we were up and at ’em by 7am. They did a little shirtless marker play while I was fixing breakfast.  Saturday’s breakfasts are usually pretty hearty and pretty tasty, too.  They gobbled up cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, jelly biscuits, and blueberries.

After breakfast, I enjoyed a second cup of coffee while Ryan paid bills, the boys played, and I attempted to watch the news.
Typical laundry room scene if/when laundry doesn’t get done during the week.  And it rarely does.
With the boys’ first swim lesson at 11:30am, I decided around 9 that I better see if they had swimming trunks that fit.  It was a good opportunity to dump their disastrous sock & underwear drawer and do some organizing.
Packed up and ready for the pool & gym.
Knowing they’d be eating a later lunch, I gave the boys a big snack of cheese, graham crackers, ham bits, and juice before we left.
Theo’s excitement was beyond words. He couldn’t wait to jump in and splash around! They both had fun.  They’ve got a lot of learning to do.  🙂
Red beans and rice with smoked turkey sausage for lunch. They loved it! I fixed this for dinner Thursday night.  I’m always surprised when they like something new!
After some negotiations, we got them down for a late nap that didn’t last very long.
Meanwhile, Ryan finally took down our Christmas lights since A) the temp was above 0 and B) there wasn’t a foot of snow on top of them.
And I…
took advantage of the quiet and soaked in the boys’ tub (our bathroom only has a shower).
The boys woke up shortly after I got out.
Doing the dishes while cooking dinner and snapping a few pictures of Niko watching a squirrel. The boys were multi-tasking in the next room too, playing Legos and watching a cartoon.
Gyros for dinner:  Another unexpected hot hit with the boys.  Dee-licious!
An after dinner trip to Target …
that didn’t end well.
This tantrum brought to you by a 45 minute nap and parents who declined to buy their kid a toy. My plans of going to Kroger after Target were delayed.  It was 8pm and we decided to just head back home.  I think it sets a bad precedent to buy kids toys every time you take them to the store…I mean, at some point they have to accept reality.  Saturday night, this was our reality.  We got some looks – some disapproving and some understanding nods – as we were leaving Target with a screaming kid but… oh well.  He was over it by the time we got home and (hopefully) learned a lesson that acting this way doesn’t get him what he wants.
Bedtime Stories around 8:30pm.
Once the boys had settled and were quiet, I left again to pick up a few groceries.
It was pretty dead – I was in and out and back home before 10pm.
A small bowl of cherry cobbler ice cream, Breaking Bad, and then bed around midnight.
And that’s it – the play by play of a day in my life.  As I was trying to remember to take pics of just about everything that took place yesterday, it seemed like such a huge hassle. But for some reason, I’m kind of partial to this post.  I have a feeling these are the kinds of days that I will forget to remember. I’ll remember the trips to Disney World and birthday parties, but I won’t remember the details of random Saturdays that all seem to run together.  I might have to do this a few times a year.  Hope you enjoyed your day – and mine!

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