catch the moment 365: week twelve

Back with another week’s worth of photos for Catch the Moment 365, hosted by Mindi at Simply Stavish, Sarah at Nurse Loves Farmer, and Stephanie at Behind the Camera and Dreaming.

Week 12 … that doesn’t sound like the beginning of 2014 anymore.  We are well into this year and well into this project.  I didn’t feel like I had been super inspired this week to take photos, but looking back through the moments I captured, I realized that this is what it’s all about – picking up the camera when I normally wouldn’t to freeze otherwise forgettable and ordinary moments in time. Lots of pictures of the boys and typical day to day things to share with you this week.

Day 78: March 19th. Theo’s 4 year check up. He was mad about wearing that gown.

Day 79: March 20th. We walked over to the pond after I picked the boys up from the babysitter to look for fishies.  They’re still hiding.

Day 80: March 21st. On the way home, Dexter wanted his window down. He was worried CG would fly out the window so he held on to him tight. (Yes, I was at a stop sign when I took this photo).

Day 81: March 22nd.  Visiting friends and playing…kitchen knight? Okay!

Day 82: March 23rd. Angel Lush. A classic recipe I had never made before. So light and delicious!

Day 83: March 24th. Batman was pretty happy with his new pajamas and sunglasses (because when he’s Batman, he’s “Batman” – don’t you even think about calling him Dexter!)

Day 84: March 25th. Theo asked to go to the library after dinner. How could we say no?  We couldn’t, obviously!
What’s your favorite pic this week? I really like Theo at his check-up (day 78), Dexter squeezing Curious George (day 80), and Batman (day 83).  Oh, okay, and the boys in the fire truck (day 84). So I said all that to say that I really suck at picking a favorite photo. But that’s a good thing, right?

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