catch the moment 365: week sixteen

Week 16: Check!  We’ve really had a great week. This is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year. I can’t help but be in a better mood than usual. Have more energy than usual. Want to be outside ALL.THE.TIME. Enough small talk – on to the pictures!

I’m linking up again this week with the hostesses for Catch the Moment 365, Mindi (Simply Stavish), Sarah (Nurse Loves Farmer), and Stephanie (Behind the Camera and Dreaming).  It’s not too late to join in. Do you think you could keep up with taking at least one picture every day for a year?  Hard to believe we are just about a third of the way through already.

106/365: April 16th. Fresh from their first trip to the Barber Shop, I present to you…Theo and Dexter!
 107/365: April 17th. Dexter still loves cruising down the driveway on this baby riding toy. He calls it the Bat-beel. (Bat(mo)bile).

108/365: April 18th. Reading his book upside down on our way to Ohio for Easter weekend.
109/365: April 19th. Celebrating our nephew Spencer’s 9th birthday.
110/365: April 20th. Easter!
111/365: April 21st. Stop it, rural Indiana, with your unexpected beauty.
112/365: April 22nd.  No Dexter, you’re not supposed to eat the peanut shells. 
All of these pictures make me smile but I have to say that I love day 111 for it’s beauty. You can’t see all the colors in the sky that I saw that morning, but this roadside scene on my way to work was enough for me to pull over and get out of the car to snap a few pictures.  As much as I hated winter for photography, I’m realizing now that so many of my summer/spring pictures look the same. The boys playing in the yard or driveway.  Oh well! That’s our life. 
I’d love your feedback. Which picture above is your favorite? 

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