catch the moment 365: week nineteen

Shew, what a week!  My birthday, Dexter’s first trip to the dentist, Mother’s Day, and Dexter’s birthday. All jammed into 7 days. We’ve got Dexter’s little birthday party coming up this weekend so the crazy, fun chaos that comes with this time of year continues.

127/365: May 7th. Strawberry margarita = happy birthday to me!

128/365: May 8th. Dexter’s first trip to the dentist. He was a little nervous, but did great!

129/365: May 9th. On my way home from work.

130/365: May 10th. At the park. 

131/365: May 11th. Mother’s Day. Dexter watching and waiting for his turn to ride Pop Pop’s tractor.

132/365: May 12th. Dexter had a fever all day Sunday and then Monday started throwing up. Pretty sad state of affairs for someone getting ready to celebrate his 3rd birthday.

133/365: May 13th. Dexter’s Birthday!  After puking 10 times in 12 or so hours, he took a long nap and woke up feeling so much better.  Thank goodness. I just made a quick box cake (orangesicle). Ryan and I thought it was delicious but the boys weren’t too impressed. B-day fail. Not the happiest birthday around here by a mile. 
127, 128, and 130 are my favorite pics this week – that beautiful drink, Dexter at the dentist, and Theo swinging upside down at the park. Of course I like the one of Dexter’s birthday but honestly it’s just not my favorite picture this week.  Womp, womp. Downer of a day. You know, I kind of think that sky on day 129 deserves an honorable mention. Not a bad photo week overall, huh?
Which photo do you like best this week?