catch the moment 365: week twenty-one

Here’s a super quick look at our week/long Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy!!

Linking up with Mindi at Simply Stavish, Stephanie and Behind the Camera and Dreaming, and Sarah at Nurse Loves Farmer for week 21 of Catch the Moment 365.  Still rocking my DSLR for every photo taken this year!!

141/365: May 21st.  My quick, fleeting, pretty unsuccessful attempt to get a cool shot during a thunderstorm before I ran out the door to meet some friends for dinner.

142/365: May 22nd. We could pretend he was just really sad about the last day of school. Or I could tell you the honest truth and say he was actually pissed because I threatened him with some arbitrary make-believe punishment if he refused to let me take his picture.  Hmmph. So there.  Guess he showed me who’s boss.
143/365: May 23rd. We went to Tennessee for Memorial weekend and stopped to eat on the way down. The boys both wanted some junk out of a little machine. The meal was oddly delicious and quick for a sit-down restaurant. The service was over the top fantastic. They asked for a birthstone bear key chain. I explained that it was highly unlikely that they would get the right one but they didn’t care. And then they got their own, in the right order and everything (Dex is holding Theo’s here).  Twilight zone much? It was so weird.  Just one of those extraordinary ordinary moments that made me smile so much. We decided the machine was magical.

144/365: May 24th. Feeding the ducks (and geese) at the duck pond in Knoxville. 

145/365: May 25th. What kind of houseguests would we be if we didn’t make ourselves at home? 
Read: “make a mess like we do at home.”

146/365: May 26th. Memorial Day. We went to a park near my mom’s before we went to lunch and headed back to Indiana.  I thought some little spider was quite talented. 

147/365: May 27th. Back home and back to our routine.  Chicken on the grill for dinner made the yummiest sandwiches on Tuesday night and the best salad for lunch on Tuesday!  Grilling — one of my favorite things about summer for sure. 

So that’s our week, in a nutshell. I will probably post separately about Memorial Day weekend one night this week. Hope you had a good holiday weekend and that you were able to enjoy it with someone you love.  What’s your favorite photo this week?  I kind of like Day 146 (spider web) for something different and Day 143 for that magical moment with those dumb little bear key chains. 🙂