catch the moment 365: week twenty-five

Let me start this week with an apology. My pictures are not the most inspired.  I feel like I’ve been rushing around so much that just getting a picture — not getting a picture I love — was the priority. I’ve overbooked us/myself the last couple of weeks with plans every single night so I’m looking forward to (hoping for) some low-key days in our very near future. I love being busy and having fun but eventually, duty calls. So does the couch.

169/365: June 18th. Lunch date with a friend from work at the historic Willard. Great food and great ambiance.
6-19-14170/365: June 19th. Just one of a few photos I shared in a previous post about my grandma’s recent visit.
171/365: June 20th. A hurry up and take the picture kind of day. A friend at work gave me her iPhone 4 to borrow until I can get an upgrade in September. I feel like I’ve gotten a HUGE upgrade since the phone I had before (Ryan’s OLD phone) barely held a charge for 5 minutes.
172/365: June 21st. What better way to welcome the official start of summer than spending a day jumping in a lake with my kids?  My cousin visited with her sweet little cousin (see day 173) and we spent the whole day maxin’ and relaxin’ on the water. Perfection. By far my favorite day of the week!
173/365: June 22nd. Sweet little J playing on the playground before they headed back home on Sunday. I wasn’t much in the mood to take photos that day but I wish I’d gotten more of her sweet face.
174/365: June 23rd. While I was working really hard to relax and entertain the boys, Ryan and his dad were doing ACTUAL work. Monday night they finished installing our new over-the-range microwave.  Now we just have about 2 million other things to do before our kitchen remodel is complete.
175/365: June 24th. Another get-it-over-with kind of picture day but as it turns out, I really love this one. It was raining when I took this so I didn’t even get out of the car.  I’m kind of in love with this barn apparently. It always looks different based on the pretties growing around it. Remember the poppy picture? And the snowy winter scene?

Wow, Theo didn’t even make an appearance this week and there’s one measly shot of Dexter. I have taken pictures of both of them, for sure, but for some reason, these are the photos that stood out to me as the ones I wanted to use for week 25. I hope you enjoyed them — at least a little bit.  I love day 175 – the barn & day 169 – lunch at the Willard.  Which is your favorite?