catch the moment: week forty-four

Hii! Darn – I did so well with my blogging spree last week and now … crickets again since the last CTM post.  I do want to recap our vacation before it’s totally irrelevant but STILL have not consolidated all of our pictures from various sources into one place.  My pictures these past several days have been pretty pathetic – I know this. It’s been more of a “just get it done for the day” theme than an “I’m feeling so inspired” theme lately.  But I am still going strong and have no doubt I will finish the year!

Linking up again with Mindi, Sarah, and Stephanie (a new-again mama!) for this installment of Catch The Moment 365.

302/365: Wednesday, October 29th –  The boys saw a commercial for the classic Operation game the night before and I remembered that I had stowed away a Toy Story version of the game that my sister-in-law had given me, new in the package, probably 2 years earlier. I promised we would get it out before school on Wednesday and they held me to it. They cracked up laughing every time it buzzed and were generally terrible at using the tweezers. Pretty cute. 10-29-14

303/365: Thursday, October 30th- Our sweet Cousin Kara sent us this neat and adorable book, which we have enjoyed reading several times since then. 10-30-14

304/365: Friday, October 31st – The crappiest trick-or-treating weather I can remember, but the boys didn’t care.  It was almost freezing and drizzling and windy and just gross. Dracula looks a little less scary in a winter hat. We lasted about 45 minutes but live in a great neighborhood for trick-or-treating so their little buckets were full of good stuff by the time we decided to call it quits. 10-31-14

305/365: Saturday, November 1st.  The holiday toy catalogs and ads have started rolling in and the boys LOVE looking through them. Theo has started grabbing a notepad and pen or pencil and going through them to make his Christmas list.  It is precious, even if it does take him 15 minutes to write one thing. “Hey mom! How do you spell Hulk Lab Smash?” followed by “How do I write an ‘h’ again?”  11-01-14

306/365: Sunday, November 2nd – My mom sent the boys some cash and told them to go out for ice cream or a cupcake for their Halloween treat from her. So we hit up the local frozen yogurt shop and enjoyed having the place to ourselves around 1:30 on Sunday. 11-02-14

307/365: Monday, November 3rd-  The first DST sunrise I got to see this week on my way to work.11-03-14

308/365: Tuesday, November 4th – A week-long Lego organization project is finally complete. I sold their toy tool bench, ordered this organizer, bought some additional dividers for smaller pieces, received the organizer and put it together, and finally spent 7 hours sorting their Lego bricks.  They are happy with the result and so far seem to be enjoying that they can actually play ON the Lego table, which was just a wasteland of deconstructed sets before.


This week’s favorite for me? 306. I like the one of them at the yogurt shop. Which one do you like best?



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  1. I like the one from Halloween. That dracula costume is too much!

    It was a freezing windy mess here too. I had to go back in for more layers! We got through maybe a 1/8th of the houses before we called it a night!
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