catch the moment: week forty-seven

I didn’t plan on having a “brothers” theme (or any theme) this week, but as I’m looking through my photos, I see it.   These little boys really are best friends. They want to be together, even when we are at home. They get sick of each other, but it never lasts more than 5 minutes. They fight over a toy at least once a day. Eventually, their arguments will last longer and their words will hurt deeper.  Despite the inevitable conflicts, I hope they’ll always look forward to spending time together, always be best friends, and always remain involved in each other’s lives.

Linking up with Mindi, Sarah, and Stephanie for week 47 of Catch the Moment 365.  Mindi will continue to host the link-up and Facebook support group page in 2015 if anyone else is interested in the challenge.  You don’t have to have a blog; you can share on instagram or facebook if you’d rather.  Come on…

323/365 – Wednesday, November 19th. Late night photo grab on my part – they have had this Melissa & Doug Make-a-Meal Sticker Pad for 2 years and only played with it once. Until this night…then then next three consecutive nights.  They were cooking up all sorts of interesting meals.  It’s a cute (and cheap ~$5) Christmas idea if you’re trying to think of one for your fake food loving, sticker obsessed little one.11-19-14

324/365 – Thursday, November 20th:  This picture is terribly grainy as it was still dark outside and therefore inside as well…but as the boys were eating breakfast, I told them to finish up while I picked out their clothes. I walked out of the room and Theo called out for me. “Hey mom! Make sure you pick out something really cute.”  I laughed and did my best…for Theo, looking fancy means wearing a button up with jeans and tennis shoes instead of a t-shirt. Hey, that’s how we roll.  P.S. Dexter calls “button up” shirts “buttoning shirts.”  And he calls footie pajamas “zipping pajamas.” I call him “cute.” 11-20-14

325/365 – Friday, November 21st: Another super grainy shot – sue me. Just eating some fruit snacks on the counter; nothing out of the ordinary around here.11-21-14

326/365 – Saturday, November 22nd: My cousin Kara came for the day Saturday with her little cousin, J. We had fun going to see Big Hero 6 and then crafting and playing at home.  The boys love both of these gals and having sleepovers at our house. Story time in the library before bed…everyone was able to find something they wanted to read.11-22-14

327/365 – Sunday, November 23rd: Dexter was feeling yucky and puny all day. Complaining that his stomach hurt and just not interested in playing. He’s also had a junky, croupy sounding cough and random fevers that come for an hour and then go away for 24.  We’re fever free for over 24 hours now so hopefully he’s on the mend. I thought it was super sweet that Theo snuggled right up next to him since Dexter didn’t want to leave the couch.11-23-14

328/365 – Monday, November 24th: Typical scene on my way home from work on a very windy, wintery afternoon. 11-24-14

329/365 – Tuesday, November 25th: Bath night! 11-25-14

329 (bath night) is my favorite photo this week, but I really love the closeness between brothers that I see in four of the other photos! Which is your favorite this week, hmm?



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  1. The second one of them laughing together is priceless! The others were great too, but laughter brings us all delight!

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