catch the moment: week 2

Our second week of 2015 was largely uneventful and for that, we are grateful. I think I was on my 2nd or 3rd separate illness by this time last year. Unfortunately, we only made it 10 days into 2015 before someone in this family puked (Dexter) but that was better than the measly 8 hours we made it last year (Dexter).  I was being greedy and hoping for a full month…

But enough about puke.

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008/365: Thursday, January 8th.

I took this one in the morning, before heading off to pre-school. Mr. Handsome’s ears had been covered up by longer hair for a couple months until the night before, when he and Dexter got haircuts. I couldn’t stop looking at his cute little grown-up self.


009/365: Friday, January 9th.

Just another picture of Theo, taken shortly after we got home from school. His profile. So sweet. I could just eat him up!


010/365: Saturday, January 10th.

It was Christmas un-decorating day.  Our first weekend home since before Christmas. It felt good to put everything away and start over with a clean slate…01-10-2015

011/365: Sunday, January 11th.

…so I could decorate for Valentine’s Day! I’m so in love with our new mantel and having a lot of fun attempting to decorate it.


012/365: Monday, January 12th.

A quick, late, fast-food dinner from Wendy’s and Dexter was still recovering from not feeling well on Saturday. Here he is, trying to give his plain cheeseburger away! No thank you!01-12-2015

013/365: Tuesday, January 13th.

Bubbles and friends in the bath.


014/365: Wednesday, January 14th.

They have literally taken over a quarter of our living room with their ever-expanding Lego collection. Truly, I don’t mind. It won’t always be this way. I’ll miss this one day. I’m thankful for the 2 little boys, their passion for Legos, and having enough space in our home to dedicate to their interests.

01-14-2015Has anyone in your family been sick yet this year?  I am hoping we have a healthier year. As you can see, we stuck pretty close to home and didn’t have too many exciting adventures this week. Unless you count Lego Spider-man taking off to his mountain retreat for the weekend, Gorilla Grodd knocking Batman off the cliff into the ocean, or Lego Hulk destroying his lab…


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