catch the moment: week 7

I’ve been cautiously happy all winter long because our “winter” hasn’t been very white at all. We’ve even been able to go to the park and play outside a couple of times. Last year was so brutal that I have been pleasantly surprised day after day, week after week, and month after winter month that has gone by. Well….winter finally decided to show up here in Central Indiana. Arctic temps, snow, school closings and delays…you name it.  I am taking comfort in knowing that Spring is {technically} only 4 weeks away!

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043/365: Thursday, February 12th.  Since we learned a couple of years ago about the dangers of children wearing puffy coats in carseats, I always keep blankets in the car for the boys. I snapped this quick picture of Dexter snuggling with his warm crocheted blanket at school drop-off. 02-12-2015

044/365: Friday, February 13th. We had a little friend over and made a party of our Friday night with Valentine’s crafts and cookie decorating. What a mess, but WHAT FUN!02-13-2015

045/365: Saturday, February 14th. LOVE. Two of my favorite little loves opening a surprise basket from mommy and daddy on Valentine’s Day morning.02-14-2015

046/365: Sunday, February 15th. Bowling with friends. The boys were pretty into it! I ordered them a personal pizza to share about halfway through our game and I was shocked when they still wanted to take their turns between bites. 02-15-2015

047/365: Monday, February 16th. The beginning of “Winter Week.”02-16-2015

048/365: Tuesday, February 17th. Oh, okay. Hey there, teenager.02-17-2015

049/365: Wednesday, February 18th. Hanging out in the kitchen after school, the sun was beaming through the windows. I actually got hot sitting at the table with the boys playing play-doh. You would have never known it was single-digit-degrees out there. Weird weather day!02-18-2015This week, I love Dexter’s sweet little expressions on days 43 & 49! Which picture(s) do you like best?




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