catch the moment: week 10

This week has been all about Theo. He had his celebration at Montessori school on Friday, his birthday party on Saturday, and a surprise overnight road trip to Chicago on his birthday, which was Sunday (see my sentimental, sappy ramblings in a love letter to Theo HERE). I attempted to start sorting through the photos from Friday through Monday and have decided to separate all that fun into 2 separate posts. Hopefully I will get to it this weekend – we had so much fun. I am anxious to put my thoughts, memories, and photos together in one space here to look back on someday. Linking up withMindi at Stavish Stills Photography, Carrie at My Life, Our Journey, and Stephanie at Behind the Camera and Dreaming.

064/365: Thursday, March 5th. Pull your eyes north of those pretty baby blues, right to the center of the forehead. You may notice a green hue. That’s what happens when your child paints his hair and forehead green at school.03-05-2015

065/365: Friday, March 6th. Theo generously passing out bat symbol-shaped rice krispie treats to his friends at school during his celebration. These celebrations are the most adorable thing ever. I heart Montessori. So hard.03-06-2015

066/365: Saturday, March 7th. I had such a hard time choosing just one photo per day to share this week. We had so many amazing moments. This is Theo, the star of the show, at his Ninja Gym birthday party. Everyone seemed to have a great time; it was just a whirlwind for me. I always say I’m going to slow down and try to enjoy more but I find myself such a nervous ball of energy and excitement that when I look back, it’s just a blur. I know Theo was happy and that’s truly all that matters!03-07-2015a

067/365: Sunday, March 8th – Theo’s FIFTH birthday! The highlight of (and inspiration for) our one night trip to Chicago was visiting Legoland Discovery Center in Schaumburg, 30 miles from downtown. This is just a small portion of the Lego model of Chicago as you enter LDC. It was stunning; we were all in awe. I think Ryan and I could have soaked in all the details for an hour. The boys liked it, but were ready to breeze on to the next exhibit after just a few minutes.03-08-2015

068/365: Monday, March 9th. RARE family selfie (maybe the only one, ever???) at Navy Pier. Pure happiness bubbling out of every inch of my being – one of those happy moments where everything feels exactly as it should. I had such an overpowering feeling of love for my family and gratitude for the time we spent together. 03-09-2015

069/365: Tuesday, March 10th. After our very fun, celebratory, whirlwind weekend, I returned to work. I couldn’t stop thinking about my family. I was missing them and Chicago and the whole dang happy weekend. Both boys took a Legoland Discovery Center map to school for show & tell. I might have picked up a little souvenir for myself while we were there. Every time I look at my new key chain, I think about our special getaway.03-10-2015

070/365: Wednesday, March 11th. Theo’s 5 year check up and a doctor visit for an infected bump on the back of Dexter’s right knee. 5 year check up stats: 40 lbs and 42.5″ tall so he’s still right around the 60th percentile like he has been the last few years. 2 shots. A lot of tears. I think he was more nervous about the shots than anything, but he cooperated and sat still like the nurses asked him to before they stuck him in each arm at the same time. He barely cried during the shots but let loose like Niagara Falls when they gave him the wrong sucker. I think he was just a nervous, emotional mess and relieved it was over. Sweet boy.03-11-2015This week, my favorite picture (hands down!) is our family selfie!! It may not be a fantastic photo but it means a lot to me.
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