catch the moment: week 9

This week’s theme or challenge for Catch the Moment 365 was to capture “a day in the life.” I decided to document our day on Sunday. You can see it HERE.  Linking up with Mindi at Stavish Stills Photography, Carrie at My Life, Our Journey, and Stephanie at Behind the Camera and Dreaming.  It’s never to late to join in or start your own 365.

057/365: Thursday, February 26th. This kid. This face. This is what he does now when I want to take his picture. I’ll say “no, Dexter. Smile.” And he’ll say “this is how I smile now.” UGH! And he’s not even a teenager. 02-26-2015

058/365: Friday, February 27th. I visited my friend Whitney and fell in love with her key wall. How come everyone else’s everything is cuter than all my everythings? I NEED A KEY WALL.02-27-2015

059/365: Saturday, February 28th. Goodbye to the last full month of winter and good riddance to you! Winter had been great until cold, snowy February showed up and we’re hoping the worst is over. Theo was just enjoying a little orange juice and PB cracker snack. This brown-eyed boy is about to be 5. I mean, I know how. But HOW??02-28-2015060/365: Sunday, March 1st. Hello March and hello to waking up to 8 new inches of snow. Ugh. We didn’t go anywhere Sunday but we caught up on playing games, cleaning, reading, cooking, eating, and all sorts of other cozy things. Dexter, AKA Mr. Cooperative, when I said “Dexter, show me your blue eyes.”03-01-2015

061/365: Monday, March 2nd. Theo is never far from the Lego collection that takes up a fourth of our living room. Not for very long anyway. 03-02-2015

062/365: Tuesday, March 3rd. And people wonder why I hate winter and snow so much. It looks pretty for a day and then it sits EVERYWHERE, looking like this until it’s finally warm enough to melt away.03-03-2015

063/365: Wednesday, March 4th. A little post-grocery-shopping trip reward for being so helpful at the store!03-04-2015That’s our week in a nutshell. I have been practicing yoga – trying to do a supported headstand without the wall and still going to group exercise classes a few days a week. I’m really enjoying the variety versus just running which was my go-to for the past 2 years. I feel like I am getting stronger and leaner, but I’m not really losing any weight to speak of. I’m okay with that.

Anyway, which photo is your favorite this week? I like the colors (and organization) in day 61’s photo. I also like Dexter’s silly face on day 60. His little baby teeth are so pretty and white!





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