catch the moment: wk 32

The theme of this week, if there was one, would be lazy. Because that’s what I’ve been when it comes to taking pictures. Waah, I left my camera in the car. Waah, I left my camera in the house. Waah, my camera is way over there on the table and I’m on the couch. I just haven’t taken every opportunity to capture those little moments that add up to our ordinary life, which to be honest, has been fine but not particularly awe-inspiring by any means. So just like anything else, you have good days and bad days…all you can get are lazy shots sometimes.

218/365: Thursday, August 6th. If you look hard, you’ll see a couple outlet covers still missing but this was the day (or was it the day after?) Ryan finished sealing our tile backsplash. If you remember from last week, the bar was COVERED in all this junk and it was driving me crazy. It felt good to put things back where they belong. Don’t mind the dishes drying by the sink!08-06-2015

219/365: Friday, August 7th. The boys and I had a sleepover with my friend Angie and her 2 kids while her hubby was out of town and Ryan tackled a to-do list I left for him. Potentially the best part of the whole event…this homemade margherita pizza. YUM. Fresh tomatoes and basil from her garden. It was heavenly.08-07-2015

220/365: Saturday, August 8th. Because it can’t always be all about food, we went to the park between breakfast and lunch. 🙂08-08-2015.

221/365: Sunday, August 9th. Hey, Lazy Lady here–another picture of my kitchen because this was literally the only pic I took that day. A good Sunday though- we cleaned and lit a candle and had a cozy dinner together while it rained outside. And of course I admired my clean countertop some more.08-09-2015

222/365: Monday, August 10th. I am still working on timing the drop off of both boys at their different schools. I definitely don’t want Theo to be tardy (again) and his dropoff is between 825-845. But we can’t drop Dex til 9. You wouldn’t think sitting in the car for 15 minutes would be so brutal, but it’s the longest 15 minutes ever. Yes, we could take him in at 845 and pay $8 for before-care but I just don’t see the point in paying for those few minutes. So we wait. We goof off. We climb all through the car. We strap Curious George in the car seat and sit on his lap. “We” being Dexter. Whatever it takes to pass the time. {sometimes that means going through the Starbucks drive-thru}.08-10-2015a

223/365: Tuesday, August 11th. After school play time. Super typical, frequently photographed scene at our house. Because this is our life.08-11-2015

224/365: Wednesday, August 12th. Theo has always been Theo to us – we don’t call him Theodore often. However, when I registered him for Kindergarten I registered him as Theodore and I don’t recall ever having an opportunity to designate the name that he prefers. On back-to-school night, his cubby and mailbox and desk and binder and everything else in the world said “Theodore.” Initially I felt bad, thinking he doesn’t want to be called Theodore! Now I’ve noticed that he’s started writing Theodore on all of his papers. I think it’s adorable for some reason. 08-12-2015There’s a peek into our exciting week!




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  1. Lazy or not, this weeks pictures are beautiful! I often start to think my pictures are getting too routine and repetitive but then I realize that this is our life, this is what we are doing and I don’t want to forget those memories.
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