Catch the Moment: wk 48

We had a wonderful long weekend and Thanksgiving break. A little getaway and time with family was just what we needed. We visited Ryan’s sister Michelle, her husband Bob, and our nephew Spencer in Ohio.

330/365: Thursday, November 26th. Thanksgiving Day. The boys’ cousin Spencer was at his Dad’s all day. We spent a lot of time outside…the weather was absolutely unbelievable. I keep saying this is the nicest fall I can remember in the past 12 years I’ve lived in Indiana. Right in line with that, this was the most amazing weather I can ever remember on Thanksgiving. We sat and played outside and enjoyed a non-traditional meal of meatloaf and homemade mac & cheese for dinner. 11-26-2015

331/365: {Black} Friday, November 27th. Michelle & Bob had to work. Meanwhile, we skipped the shopping lines and stood in line for popcorn, slushes, and candy at the local movie theater instead. We saw The Good Dinosaur and loved it. It was such a good story of friendship and I cringe to say it, but I might have liked it more than Inside Out, which I loved too. But The Good Dinosaur went by so fast, I couldn’t believe it was ending so soon. I remember certain parts of Inside Out dragging a bit. The 2 are not similar in any way, I’m just comparing because it was the last big Disney movie we were excited to see shortly after opening day at the theater. Theo and Dexter look up to Spencer so much – he is their idol.11-27-2015

332/365: Saturday, November 28th. Finally – Thanksgiving FEAST! We decided to wait until Saturday to cook our big Thankgsiving meal since Spencer was gone Thursday and Michelle and Bob had to work Friday. It was well worth the wait. Not the prettiest plate of food, but for sure the tastiest. Oof, it’s making me hungry all over again.11-28-2015

333/365: Sunday, November 29th. We got home from Cincinnati around noon and I gave the boys their Beast Buds (air plants) by Mixie Studio. I bought them at the Crafty Supermarket in Cincinnati Saturday morning, thinking they’d be cute Christmas gifts. Duh, someone needs to take care of them between now and then. So, I busted them out when we got home. Initially, Theo was ticked that his had pink lips and hearts on his face. I got ticked at him for being so ungrateful and said I’d take the Beast. Then he changed his tune and named Mr. Pink Lips “Ethan Charles.” Dexter named his “Blueberrier.” They just need 3 things: 1. Sun. 2. Water. 3. Love. So far, so good.11-29-2015

334/365: Monday, November 30th. Fleece footies and a friendly game of Mancala before bed. 11-30-2015

335/365: Tuesday, December 1st. Cue major freakout because OMG it’s December and OMG that means there are only 3+ weeks until Christmas. CRAAP. We knocked a couple of gifts off our shopping list and then stopped by our friends’ house for a short visit between school and dinner at home. Why so serious, baby Charlotte? 11 weeks old – she is growing fast.12-01-2015

336/365: Wednesday, December 2nd. Well, this was an unexpected treat! Which explains the grainy phone photo. But I couldn’t just take a picture with my DSLR for the sake of it and not share this with you for this day’s photo. Theo’s school had a Santa Shop tonight. The kids got to buy some (terrible) gifts for their loved ones..haha..have milk & cookies, write a letter to Santa, sit with Santa, AND wrap their gifts. It was a really nice free event (aside from the optional crappy gifts) put on by the PTO. Loving Theo’s school!12-02-2015

It’s crunch time! Time to decorate, shop, wrap, and celebrate…I cannot believe it’s December 2nd.