catch the moment: week forty-nine

I should really be addressing my Christmas cards tonight so I’m going to try to make this quick. We had a fairly festive weekend, despite 2 of our 4 planned get-togethers being canceled due to puking kids (theirs, not ours). Then one of the children at the 3rd get-together was throwing up after we left.  By Sunday morning, I felt doomed that we would be throwing up by the end of the day. So far, so good…knock on wood!  It’s that time of year.  As I selected and edited my pictures for this week, I realized that I’ve done an extra crappy job of taking photos of my kids lately. I will have to focus on that – it’s just getting hard to get a decent picture of them because it’s almost dark by the time we get home and the lighting is poor inside by then. Add in the fact that they rarely ever stop moving and well, it sucks.  BOO winter!

Linking up with Mindi, Sarah, and Stephanie again this week for Catch the Moment 365.

337/365 – Wednesday, December 3rd: We always check the mail first thing when we get home.  Theo LOVES to do this and he and Dexter literally race to the mailbox each day. 12-03-14

338/365 – Thursday, December 4th: We got all of our decorations up early this year, thanks to being home over Thanksgiving weekend. Love pulling up to this sight at the end of a work day! Our home looks so cheery and festive this time of year.12-04-14

339/365 – Friday, December 5th. When our play date got canceled, Ryan suggested we go to the YMCA for a free gingerbread building activity. As you can see, it was very busy but also very fun. This was the first time I had ever built one, too! 12-05-14

340/365 – Saturday, December 6th.  Our friends’ sweet 2 month old baby girl at their annual Festivus party. Good grief, she smelled amazing and is the best little cuddler!12-06-14

341/365 – Sunday, December 7th: We celebrated our favorite little 6 year old’s birthday at a gymnastics party. She was over the moon excited and so adorable when we all sang happy birthday to her. She’s officially a big girl with a bunch of friends from school at her party.  And PS, she designed her own cake!  So super cute.12-07-14

342/365 – Monday, December 8th: Playing with bokeh in my poorly lit living room. Ugh. 12-08-14

343/365 – Tuesday, December 9th. After failing to get any decent pics of my kids, I decided to take a picture of Theo’s choice for his ornament this year. I mean, he likes pizza and all but…okay. The randomness on our tree multiplies each year. I’ll have a pretty, themed tree one day. Maybe.  12-09-14

So that’s it for this week – maybe not the best pics ever, but they captured what we’ve been up to and that’s all that matters. I love the sweet little girls and I also love day 338 – our exterior lights at home.  Which picture is your favorite this week?



catch the moment: week thirty-nine

We’ve had another fun and busy week that went by way too fast.  We are enjoying the nice weather by getting outside a lot and hanging out with friends before it’s too cold to be running here and there.  We are also still working around the house, trying to make some progress on our kitchen remodel.

I’m linking up with again this week with CTM 365 hostesses:

267/365: Wednesday, September 24th. Popsicles in the bathtub because why not!?9-24-14

268/365: Thursday, September 25th. We met a little friend from Dexter’s class at the park. What a funny and handsome little guy!9-25-14

269/365: Friday, September 26th. Picking out tile for a backsplash is very complicated. And time-consuming. 9-26-14

270/365: Saturday, September 27th. We spent the afternoon celebrating a friend’s birthday at the apple orchard.  It was such a fun party idea – who needs crappy plastic toys and candy when you can have a peck of hand-picked apples for party favors instead? None of us had ever picked apples before so it was an extra special and fun experience.9-27-14

271/365: Sunday, September 28th. The boys and I visited some friends again on Sunday to get out of the house while Ryan worked in the kitchen.  I was dying laughing, watching Theo and his buddy smash their faces against the side of this little bounce house. So funny!9-28-14

272/365: Monday, September 29th.  So what do you do with all those apples? Make homemade applesauce, of course! This was just a simple recipe I found on Pinterest, but it was delicious! 9-29-14

273/365: Tuesday, September 30th. Miles of tiles to choose from…like I said. It’s complicated.9-30-14

And just like that, another month is over.  Gah.  This week, my favorite pictures are the one of Theo at the orchard (270) and the one of the boys together in the bathtub (267).  Which one do you like best?





catch the moment: week thirty-eight

We have been busy as little worker bees around the house. We got on a kick and are excited – for now  – about finally moving forward on some home improvements.  You can see some of the history of this process by clicking HERE.  While progress has been so, so slow, looking back at those older photos does help me see that we have made some big changes around here. Now to keep going with the momentum we have right now… That’s the tricky part.  Well, that and managing the kids while we are trying to work.  Oy.

Guess what? I’m linking up with these gals once again:

Here we go…

260/365: Wednesday, September 17th.  A quick trip to the park after school. Sad, sad, sad to see them in jeans and hoodies!  Bye-bye, summer!9-17-14

261/365: Thursday, September 18th. Just an after-dinner trip to the YMCA for a little run. Late in the day, I knew I was about out of photo ops for the day.9-18-14

262/365: Friday, September 19th.  Again, late in the day and I had not taken a picture yet. I’m slacking off!  But I snapped this around 11pm because I knew our accumulation of favorite school/babysitter art projects hanging in the kitchen was coming down the next day. 9-19-14

263/365: Saturday, September 20th. Did anyone watch Dexter? Creeeepy!  Haha – we painted our kitchen ceiling GREEN! 9-20-14

264/365: Sunday, September 21st.  You can see a tiny bit of the green ceiling and crown molding here but the point is that I spent ALL day Sunday painting this window and my neck has been sore ever since.  I’m not as young as I once was, but it will be worth it! The window looks SO fresh and clean. Now to paint the other 2 kitchen windows.  Ouchie. Oh, you can also see the gray we chose for the walls! Loving it so far and I’m so anxious to get it done.  Don’t worry, that light will go away too…9-21-14

265/365: Monday, September 23rd. What a nice break from working on the house – dinner with my lovely friend, Angie!9-22-14

266/365: Tuesday, September 24th. The boys waiting for their Flu Mist…you all?! It’s 500 times easier than the shot.  It was a breeze.  I just hope it works better than the shot did last year.9-23-14

This was kind of a weird week, as far as pictures are concerned.  Not much of the boys and a lot of randomness, but I like what it all represents.  Forward progress. Friendship. Health & fitness. Changing seasons.  I’m feeling a little introspective….there might be a big emotional post coming up soon about how all of these aspects of life are woven together.  Hmm.

What’s your favorite picture this week?  I like them all, but none of them are technically spectacular.  I’ll go with Angie – day 265 – for my choice this week because she’s pretty precious and I love our monthly mommy dinner dates.