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breaking: everyone in my house has pooped in a toilet

I was pretty shocked to get a text from our babysitter last Friday that simply said:


Um?  He just peed on the potty for the first time about a week before that. Or was it last Monday. Gah, life is a blur.  And also?  He just turned 2 three weeks ago.  Anyway, he’s dropped the Browns off at the Superbowl 3 times since then so apparently we aren’t going to have the same trouble with him that we’ve had with Theo.

Remember this prank?  The little jokester has only pooped on the potty 1 time since April Fool’s Day.

But today is not about the jokester, today is all about this kid:

As promised, we took Dexter out for ice cream tonight to celebrate his accomplishment.  He is very proud of himself, as are we.  Theo is actually very excited for Dexter too.  It’s pretty cute. 

We went to the park across the street after we finished our sweet treats. 

Dirty ice cream face kid.  Eh. Sue me. We left the wipes in the car.

Well, hello there.  Theo actually spotted this squirrel and wanted to take a closer look.

My little heart melter.

Dexter’s favorite thing was running/falling down the hill.

Theo had fun playing tag with Daddy.
Pretty perfect night, all things considered.

time for your catch-up

I’ve had that dang Doc McStuffins song stuck in my head for weeks. So random since my kids don’t watch it. I secretly try to push it on them because I think it’s such a cute show.

That’s totally not the point of this post.  I’m just a little bit behind on thing that have been happening so I wanted to jot a few things down.

Last Monday Dexter peed in the potty!  He always pees as soon as I put him in the tub for a bath so I try to remember to sit him on the toilet first. Never worked before, but he’s peed on the potty a few times since Monday.  I’m not ready to go full force potty training him because I think he can control releasing it. But not holding it.  I know that makes no sense to you, but it makes sense to me. I told Theo that I hoped he started pooping on the potty before Dexter did and guess what? Wednesday night, Theo pooped on the potty at home for the first time.  He did it once on April Fools Day (how appropriate) at the babysitter’s but this was the first time at home. He hasn’t done it again but hey. It’s some kind of progress.  Hard to believe my little pals are getting so big.

Oh, and Dexter says “peed” for pee “peeding” for peeing.  I guess because he so often hears “peed in the potty.”  So now he says “I’m peeding!”  It’s really funny and cute. No?  Guess you have to be there.

In the car, Theo oftentimes will ask me why Dexter does something or doesn’t do something and I’ll direct him to ask Dexter.  It cracks me up when Theo says Dexter’s name repeatedly until Dexter makes eye contact with him. This isn’t easy to do because they both have to kind of look around the sides of their carseats to see each other.  If Dexter doesn’t look at Theo or say anything, Theo will say “Dexter, say ‘what'” before asking his question.  Dexter ignores him half the time to push his buttons – I know this because he gets a very mischievous grin on his face.  Dexter has a lot of faces.  I’ll have to try to get some of his trademark smirks on my camera because I sure don’t want to forget them.  Theo even knows the faces now, because he’ll say “What is THAT face, Dexter?”

Theo’s picked up on a lot of the things I say.  I’ll ask him a question and he’ll answer “I have no clue” or “I have no idea” and I’ll think to myself, where did he hear that? Not five minutes later, I’ll realize I’m saying it too.  Cute.

I have a cold and it’s really been annoying because I was so determined to complete C25K before this Saturday, when I run my first 5k.  I tried to run yesterday and only made it 15 minutes.  Week 9 Day 1 of a 9 week program and I had my first failed workout.  I just couldn’t breathe and figured it wasn’t worth pushing myself and making myself sicker.  From the beginning, I’ve said I would repeat any failed workout but I definitely won’t finish if I do that.  We’ll see what happens with my cold the rest of the week, but right now my main priority is just getting better by Saturday morning at 8am.  I think I’m going to be really disappointed in myself if I don’t run the whole thing.

Ryan and I are heading to Kings Island for a fun date day tomorrow!


pooping on the potty is not a prank.

Despite the fact that it’s April Fool’s Day, my heart jumped a little (or a lot) when my phone rang around lunchtime and I saw that it was the babysitter calling.  We communicate via text more than 99% of the time during the day.

Theo was on the other end of the phone and said those 5 magical words I’ve been dreaming of for almost a year.

“I pooped on the potty!!”

The next line of business was to find out if we were going to follow through with our promise that we made about getting ice cream the first time he did it.  I promised we would and then the babysitter explained that she was busy helping another child when Theo announced that he needed a diaper because he had to poop real bad.

I’ll skip the gory details but he pooped in the potty and we did go out for ice cream frozen yogurt. He was excited to make several phone calls to tell everyone about his big achievement.

His choice:  White Chocolate Strawberry yogurt with cherries, gummy bears, and sprinkles.
Dexter enjoyed sharing with mommy & daddy, and doing a few handyman projects of course.
My choice:  Chocolate Peanut Butter frozen yogurt with a few Reese’s cups and hot fudge.
My boy is getting so big.

Maybe the joke’s on us – maybe it was a fluke.  Maybe he’ll never poop in the potty again until he’s in college (that’s how it has felt for a few months now).  All I know right now is that he pooped in the potty. Today.

Today was a great day!