baby’s first haircut – before and after

The night before:

See the massive amounts of hair we were dealing with?  This picture doesn’t even fully demonstrate the length on top, which i estimate was probably 6-8 inches long.

 Still not a great visual on the length, but you get the idea.

He wouldn’t sit still long enough for us to get a big handful of hair to demonstrate how long it was.  We really tried!

 Day of, right before the haircut.  I was all nerves. 
Hat hair!
He was initially amused by turning the steering wheel in the little racecar.

The Spraydown.

First snip.

Um.  What do you think you’re doing?

The longest part is gone.  He already looks older.

Never cried.  Never smiled either, but never cried.  I’d call that a successful first haircut.

My baby is almost a toddler.
Speaking of my baby almost being a toddler, he took 2 steps unassisted over the weekend.  Sigh.
This last picture is technically a “before” shot and messes up the chronology here, but I had to save it for last because it’s so super irresistable.