mommy’s pet peeves

I’m participating in Toddle Along Tuesday with Melissa at Growing Up Geeky and this week’s topic is Mommy’s Pet Peeves.

Let me just say that I try to maintain a positive attitude overall, but sometimes it’s just fun necessary to vent!  Here are some of my pet peeves:

1. I know I’m not a princess and my children are not royalty or anything, but for the love of Pete, hold the freakin’ door open when you see a lady with an 188′ long double stroller coming through. No excuses.

2. I’ve never denied that Dexter was a “surprise” to us but for crying out loud, don’t ask a lady you barely know if her second pregnancy (or any pregnancy) was planned.  Geez.

3. You know how annoying it is when people park 3″ from you and you have to shimmy into the car sideways to avoid slamming your door into their car?  Only because you don’t want to mess up your own car?  Well, there’s a whole new level of annoying to this when you have to put a toddler in a carseat.  Come ON!

4. How about every time you say something about your child to someone and they have to one-up you?  They feel the need to tell you something that their kid did that was bigger and better than your kid’s thing.  Every.Single.Time.  Guess what?  It’s not necessary.

5. People that have to have every most expensive brand/thing for their kid.  Just because it’s expensive.  Because it sure isn’t always cute.  Can’t use hand-me-downs because that’s for poor people. Go ahead and call me poor, pal, that’s one less thing I have to buy.

6. Rude strangers in public that ignore my {obviously adorable, sweet} children when they wave or say “hi.”  As crazy as it makes me sound, I am always offended by this and am paranoid it will hurt the boys’ feelings.

What annoys you the most?

having your house on the market is for the birds.

Our house has been on the market for 10 days.  We’ve had 14 showing and two offers.  The first offer came on the first full day it was active and it was a good offer.  We responded with a fair counter offer that we were sure would be accepted. We couldn’t believe how easy and fast it happened.  Then the buyer totally flaked and we never heard from them again.

Then we got an offer tonight and it was a complete joke.  It’s hard not to get offended when someone low balls you.  After, you know, you spend weeks and weeks working hard to get the house ready to list.  When you run around like a crazy person to get it show ready on a moment’s notice, meanwhile scrapping your dinner plans and waking kids up from their naps (and if you have kids, you know this is a monumental sacrifice).  These 10 days have been the most stressful days we’ve had as homeowners.

We have been on edge for the last 10 days.  I don’t know how people survive in this state for more than a couple of weeks.  I so hope something comes through soon, before we all lose our minds.  At the same time, we have nowhere to go.  We looked at five houses on Friday night and none of them meet our needs.  I sure have a lot more sympathy for the owners of the homes we visit, knowing we are displacing them for the time frame we are supposed to be there.  Knowing that they are waiting to hear if we liked it, if we are going to make an offer.  Knowing they probably ran around like a crazy person trying to clean it up at the last second before our showing was scheduled to start.

Potential buyers are kind of annoying.  Like the way they leave the toilet lid up.  Um, hello. We have cats.  We’d rather they didn’t go swimming while we’re not home.  Realtors are kind of annoying too.  Like the kind that take our furnace cover off and just sit it there instead of fastening it back correctly…because that means the furnace cover falls on my car and cracks my windshield.  Yeah, that happened.  So now I guess we get to eat $300 to get it replaced because we invited him into our home and he was too lazy or dumb and disrespectful to do the right thing.  Thanks, guy.

I’m over it.  Can you tell?  Maybe we’ll just stay here.

fed up,

Come on.  Who wouldn’t want to live here?  (Besides us?)

my 9 month old babe.

Dexy went to the doctor last Thursday and at 9 months, my lean machine weighed in at 18 pounds, 6.5 ounces.  I was sure he’d be closer to 20 but I guess he’s doing alright.  He gained three pounds but only grew 1” since his last visit.  I couldn’t believe that he hadn’t grown much considering how all of his pants seem to get too short after about the third wear. 
He’s in the 16th percentile for weight (up from 12th) and 39th for height (down from 69th).  I guess he’s getting a little more proportional.  I remember going into Theo’s 9 month appointment cool and confident because he didn’t have to get any shots.  Then all my dreams were dashed when the doctor basically said he might be delayed because he wasn’t crawling.  Then, a week later, he was crawling, pulling up, and cruising all at once.  Anyway, I felt good going into Dexter’s 9 month appointment knowing he wouldn’t get shots AND because he’s been crawling, cruising , and pulling up for a solid 2 months now.
There was a nurse practitioner student there.  I don’t know if she is just doing clinicals at the office or if she’s really interested in Peds, but she should study harder.  She came in and did her assessment before the doctor did a real one.  She was checking him out in the ol’ diaper area and I asked her if she noticed any signs of a hydrocele.  She gave me a puzzled look and I said “are you familiar with hydroceles?”  She shook her head no and I proceeded to explain what they are.  She also said that Dexter was the skinniest baby she had seen.  Really?  Come on.  He’s not malnourished or anything. 
The doctor came in and did all the same things she did, only better.  He did say his hydrocele was gone, as far as he could tell, and that we didn’t even need to go back to the surgeon if we didn’t want to.  The NP student piped up and said “he’s underweight!” like she made a medical discovery.  I furrowed my brow and looked at the doc.  He glanced at Dex’s growth chart and said “no, he’s not.”  Then he went on to explain to her how growth works.  You know, because that’s confusing.  He’s growing.  He’s gaining weight.  And he’s doing both on a smooth curve alongside the bigger children.  He’s thin.  He’s not “underweight.”  The doctor gestured to me and said “his parents are thin, he’s just thin.”  Well, thank you, doctor.  I will take that compliment and run with it.  
I really hope it was her first day.  I really hope Peds is not her specialty.
Here’s where I stereotype.  I thought she would have a bit more sense considering the fact that she was 40+ and mentioned straight off that she had two teenage children of her own.  Wrong.  That’s rude of me to say, right?  Because I probably would have given a 22 year old NP student more of a break.  Eh. Difference this time?  I knew she was wrong!
the mother of children that are perfect in every way.