Catch the Moment: Wk 44

This week’s photos are a little Dexter-heavy but I swear, I love them both the same! ūüôā That’s just the way it works out sometimes. We had beautiful, unseasonably warm weather this week and I cannot believe it’s November. Today I was able to wear a sleeveless dress-it was 77 degrees. In November. In Indiana. Mind blown. CRAZY. I’ll take it! And I’m hoping for a mild winter but let’s not get greedy…here we go.

302/365: Thursday, October 29th. A long day at work and no motivation – after a month of legitimate and created excuses, it was time to get back to the gym. I didn’t want to. I got there and sat in my car. I thought about just sitting in my car for the whole hour but made myself go in. Within 2 minutes of starting Zumba, I was smiling and breathing a huge sigh of relief. Sometimes I just don’t know how bad I need to¬†exercise until I’m doing it. Or until it’s done. Time to get back into a regular routine of 3-4 workouts per week.10-29-2015

303/365: Friday, October 30th. We met friends at Kelsay Farms to climb the hay mountain, play in the corn pit, go through the corn maze, take a hay ride, sit by a bonfire, ride the Moo Choo Express, and watch some bad, bad, bad karaoke. It was a perfect, cool autumn night and with it being the day before Halloween, I thought it would be packed. Seemed like we had the place to ourselves. Such fun. 10-30-2015

304/365: Saturday, October 31st. Halloween! My Ant-Man and Superman. Rain had been predicted but it held off until we were done trick or treating. This was the first year we didn’t let them use strollers or the wagon. They hoofed it. After hoofing and lugging their buckets for an hour, they were ready to turn around and head home. It was cute watching them interact with the neighbors. I think their favorite thing about the whole holiday is getting home, dumping their buckets, and sorting their candy. My little organizers-I couldn’t be more proud.10-31-2015

305/365: Sunday, November 1st. Spent ALL day inside cleaning, laundering, cooking, organizing, and all the other -ings we -ing on Sundays. I had been promising Dexter for hours that as soon as I was done doing one more -ing, we’d go outside. We finally made it out around 3:30 and I was shocked at how warm it was. Happily shocked. He shed his jacket within about 30 seconds and we played secret superhero games in the trees by our house.11-01-15

306/365: Monday, November 2nd. I usually have about 15 minutes to waste between dropping Theo and Dexter off at their schools so on Monday we went and got gas. While we were waiting, I decided it was a good chance for me to get my picture of the day. Dexter decided it was a good time to be super silly. 11-02-2015

307/365: Tuesday, November 3rd. It was far too nice out to go straight home after school. The boys may have played outside during school, but this mama needed some Vitamin D too. ¬†We went to the library and the park before going home at sunset….yes, at 6pm.11-03-2015

308/365: Wednesday, November 4th. Just another gorgeous day in Central Indiana. 11-04-2015

Hope your week has been unexpectedly wonderful. xo.


catch the moment: wk 34

Another week down the drain! Last Wednesday I woke up with some kind of stomach bug and this Wednesday I woke up with a head cold. I wake up sick on Wednesdays now I guess. After referencing the date all day at work, I realized that it was more than just a day towards the end of August – it’s the day that Ryan and I started dating way back in 1999. Since I realized the significance of today’s date, I’ve been feeling a little sentimental and in awe of how far we’ve come during these years. From 19 and 21 year old kids to official adults¬†with every grown up responsibility that those young kids fantasized and romanticized about. It’s not always as fun as we dreamed it would be but we’re still kids at heart deep down and that keeps us young. That and chasing after the two crazy little kids that we’ve created and fallen madly in love with along this journey. Like I said…feeling sentimental. Grateful. Humble. Just lucky to have what we have in this crazy world. Speaking of this crazy world, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the crazy on-air shooting of the two WDBJ news reporters in Virginia this morning. Some things make you second guess bringing people into the madness. On to the photos…

232/365: Thursday, August 20th. Some big hugs for Curious George before school. They match. This George is actually mine – I don’t remember when I got it but probably when I was a teenager. Dexter has completely stolen him and loves him.08-20-2015

233/365: Friday, August 21st. Brandy and I before the Jason Aldean concert.08-21-2015

234/365: Saturday, August 22nd. Theo invited himself over to our friend’s house and she (thankfully) obliged. We had a great day swimming and playing.¬†08-22-2015

235/365: Sunday, August 23rd. Enjoying one of the many beautiful local parks in our town. 08-23-2015

236/365: Monday, August 24th. I stopped at the drugstore after going for a run with Brandy and there were zillions of birds on every wire and swirling about in flocks overhead. Creepy.08-24-2015

237/365: Tuesday, August 26th. Oddly, whenever we announce that it’s time to brush teeth and go to the bathroom before bed, their legs stop working and they’re SOOOO tired that they can no longer walk.08-25-2015

238/365: Wednesday, August 26th. Today Р16 years of dating that guy reading If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. How did I get so lucky to live every day with these 3 dudes in my life? 08-26-2015xo,


catch the moment: wk 33

Back for another week of catch the moment 365. I can’t believe we’re moving into the end of August, and with that Fall won’t be far behind. It kind of feels like the Sunday blues only worse. Instead of enjoying what’s left of summer and nice weather, I keep finding myself focusing on the fact that crappy winter will be here before we know it.

225/365: Thursday, August 13th. A beautiful sunrise worth pulling over for on my way to work.08-13-2015

226/365: Friday, August 14th. Little Kennedy Noelle is full of smiles and giggles these days. Hard to believe she is already 2 1/2 months old. 08-14-2015 227/365: Saturday, August 15th. It was a perfect day for painting and science experiments. 08-15-2015 228/365: Sunday, August 16th. A cloudy and rainy day at the Indiana State Fair. 08-16-2015

229/365: Monday, August 17th. Every once in awhile I get the urge to do a puzzle. The boys wanted to help me with this one, not believing me when I said the pieces are reeeeeeally small and that there are reeeeeeally a lot of them. Note to self: You can’t really trust a 4 year old to get ALL the edge pieces.¬†08-17-2015

230/365: Tuesday, August 18th. A perfect afternoon to spend at the pool. I leave work at 3 on Tuesdays to pick up the boys from school and being at the halfway point in August, I’m painfully aware that the pool will not be open much longer. Time to make the most of what summer we’ve got left.¬†08-18-2015

231/365: Wednesday, August 19th. Bedtime stories with my boys.08-19-2015Do you have a favorite photo this week? That puzzle one is admittedly lame (it was late, okay?) but I actually like the rest of them a lot for their own reasons.